Diaper Bag Snob

diaper-bag.jpgEver look down to take a good look at your current diaper bag and realize that it has either faded from washing, or that a few strands have come unraveled? Or, perhaps you’ve seen yourself coming a million times over. Do you know what I’m talking about? Yes, the blood wrenching sight of seeing another chic mom carrying the same diaper bag. Well, I owe my sister, Tiffany, a huge “thank you” for not purchasing the original diaper bag of my dreams. Her procrastination saved me from a potential crisis. I immediately fell out of love with the Petunia Pickle Bottom bag after I saw another mom with it strapped onto her back as she walked the isles of Costco. This sighting resulted in a mad search for another unique bag, which led me to the Diaper Diva. I have to admit, I passed this bag several times before deciding to purchase it, but now I absolutely love it. It has pockets for everything, including keys, sunglasses, and a cell phone. What I like most about the bag is the fact that the outside is plastic, making it easy to keep clean. I found the diva bag at Due Maternity.  


One Comment on “Diaper Bag Snob”

  1. Shanesha says:

    Traci, thanks for sending me the link to your site! I love the colors and didn’t know that one could be so fashionable with a small child…get it girl! I look forward to talking soon and reading more of your posts.


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