Girls In The Hood

When my cousin, Lorena, sent me an email, telling me that Lucky Brand was opening a kid’s store located at 1426 Montana in Santa Monica, I almost fell out of my seat, I was so excited. love-bus.jpgRemember the lady from the Mervyn’s commercial who stood outside the store long before it was scheduled to open, shouting, “Open, open?” Well, that was me. It was the same reaction I had when I read that Neiman Marcus was in the process of opening an outlet nearby. Oh, yeah, it’s definitely something to be elated about! But, the unfortunate aspect to all this Lucky hype is the fact that they will only carry clothes for children ages 6 months to 10 years, which means I have a few months to wait before my little girl will be able to wear their clothes. I can honestly say, Lucky’s clothes work very well for me, especially their denim and pants. They’re a perfect fit for my body type. Unlike other popular jeans, I don’t have to spend extra money to alter the waist, or have the hem taken up. I can definitely see us building a long term relationship that will last as long as the clothes stay fly!  

Check out these cute girl’s hoodies:

Up top, the colorful love bus hoodie will set you back $98 (This is my favorite!)

Camouflage Hoodie, $58Camouflage hoodie goes for $58

crochet-zip-up-hoodie.jpgBlack crochet flower hoodie sells for $72


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