Fashionista Training School

Just how dedicated are you to training your little girl to be the next queen of fashion? Just how far will you go? Well, I have the book of all books for you fashion savvy individuals to add to your required reading list. I spotted this gem on the Fashion Kitten’s website.

prada-pig.jpgYes, you’re reading it correctly! The title of the book is, “This Little Piggy Went To Prada.” Read the description from where it’s on sale for $19.95: 

This fun book presents classic nursery rhymes with a thoroughly modern and charmingly ironic spin that will make the most sleepless fashionista mom smile. It’s the new “Must Have” book that all fashionable mothers and fashion lovers will know by heart. Just to give you a taste of what great nursery rhymes lie inside:This old man, he played one, Off to St. Tropez for some sun, In her Gucci, Pucci, Mummy needs to tone; Time to get the trainer home.

This old man, he played two, Wait-list Sergio Rossi shoes, In her Gucci, Pucci, Mummy’s in the know; Pre-paid at his autumn show!

Okay, seriously, this is a little over the top! I love seeing my little girl in cute clothes, but buying this book will definitely be sending the wrong message and creating a shallow little monster. 


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