Little Fashionista’s 1st Birthday

As soon as I discovered the baby I was carrying was a girl, I immediately began searching for unique ideas to create the ultimate most memorable 1st birthday party. Since my little fashionista is only 3 months old, you’re probably thinking that it’s much too early to start planning for a 1st birthday, but as you know this party has to be chic and savvy, and a lot of time is necessary if I want to pull this off sucessfully. 

hat_caroline.jpgSo when I happened upon Cake and Ice Cream’s website a few months before the birth of my daughter, I was thrilled with the exclusive items they offered for the stylish birthday princess. Cake and Ice Cream offers an array of custom party hats that can be monogramed with your baby’s initials or name for a more personal touch. You should also know that Cake and Ice Cream’s gorgeous hats are also available for boys and the young at heart. 

In the near future, their line will expand to include custom bibs, table cloths, and hat.jpgplacemats. Hopefully, this will take place before September 2007 because my baby girl’s party definitely won’t be a party without Cake and Ice Cream.  


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