Fashion Meets Chocolate

chocochocohouse_1924_3904555.gifMTV’s, My Super Sweet Sixteen, featuring spoiled teens showcasing their over-the-top soirees, has every fifteen-year-old on the face of this planet plotting and scheming ways to cajole parents into providing the funds for their next milestone birthday production. I should know because my sister, Hepsie, was one of them. So when she asked me, in the beginning of this year, to help with planning her sweet sixteen party I immediately went to work in hopes of finding cool and unforgettable items that would make her, once in a lifetime, event stand out from the rest.

I didn’t have a particular theme, but was sure that I would find something eye catching to act as my guide. I hit the jackpot when I discovered Choco Choco House, where fashion meets chocolate. I quickly fell in love with the handmade Choco Choco handbag and shoe truffles, made with the freshest ingredients and finest chocolates from Belgium and France.

Choco Choco House’s lolli-chocolate shoes pictured above are a part of their Femme Collection, all are available individually wrapped in a clear box. You can mix ’em up or buy them in pairs. The price for one pair of chocolate shoes is $5. 

chocochocohouse_1924_3516597.gifChoco Choco House’s exquisite chocolate handbags are available in several different designs and comes wrapped in a package that is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. My favorite design is, Kitty in the Garden, a dark chocolate shell filled with dark chocolate ganache. It cost about $20 for a box of six and 24 2-piece party favors are priced at $156.

These fashionable treats will make great party favors for your next all girl shindig.  

It’s so fashiolicious!  


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