Luscious Body Cream

Several days ago my cell phone rang, so I picked it up and said, “Hello.” The person responded with a faint hello; nonetheless, I was unable to assign the voice on the other end to a familiar one. “Hello.” There’s a slight few seconds delay on the line. It’s not until the caller calls my name and says, “This is Nicole,” that I’m able to recognize it is the voice of a friend, calling from Los Angeles to save me from a potentially embarrassing situation. At the end of our conversation she gives me the most delightful news. “We sent you a package,” she says. What people don’t know about me is how much I absolutely love getting things in the mail. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been that way. I guess I’m just always hopeful something exciting will find its way into my mailbox.


Last week, while out taking care of business, I decided to go home before making another mandatory stop. Once I got inside, I started thumbing through the mail I had collected just before entering; and guess what I found, a note from the postman, informing me that I could pick up my package tomorrow from the office. Isn’t it strange how the postman decides to deliver the mail earlier than his normal time when you’re expecting something? Well, there was no way I was going to let that package sit overnight. I ran out of the house with my little slip and jumped into my car determined to find the man who was holding my goods hostage. I used some deductive reasoning which led me up one street, and there he was. He was somewhat hesitant at first, but he must have sensed that I was ready to take him down if he didn’t hand over my box.


body-cream.jpgOnce I opened the package, I discovered Trish McEvoy’s Blackberry & Vanilla Musk body cream, Wild Blueberry Vanilla candle (smells heavenly), and a makeup bag with eye shadow and sheer lip gloss. I’ll tell you about McEvoy’s other products in another post, but for now I want to give you some information about the body cream.


I loved the scent of blackberries and vanilla right from the start, but we all know the smell changes once you apply it to your body. However, I was pleasantly surprised; the fragrance actually smelled better on. The sweet subtle scent of white rose (the bottom note) lasted the whole day. Surprisingly, the luscious body cream works for my dry skin. I use the term ‘work’ because it doesn’t leave my skin as soft as I would like; nevertheless, it serves its purpose, alleviating the appearance of parched skin and provides a light scent. Also, it does contain shimmer, which is great for summer or if you’re spending a night out on the town.


And, the best part about this cream is my name engraved on the lid. How special is that? Thanks, Nanora, Nicole, & Marvina! 


Trish McEvoy’s body cream sells for $48 at Neiman Marcus for 3.5 oz. It’s fashiolicious!


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