Pretty In Pink

Did you know that pink symbolizes joy and happiness in Catholicism? Maybe that’s where the phrase ‘tickled pink’ was derived. Prior to the early 20th century, colors were not assigned to a specific gender, and pink was not always thought of as being a feminine color, but rather masculine. Why? Because pink was considered a watered down red, which is bold, fierce, and strong while blue was dainty and delicate, a girl’s color.  Interesting!

flower-shoes-37.jpgDon’t ask me how the color pink became associated with girls because I’m not sure; however, I do know that little girls are very pretty in pink. Girls look great in other colors too, but there is just something special about pink. And, your little cutie patootie would look absolutely adorable in these precious hand-painted flower shoes ($37) from Miss Priss.

“Oh my god!” and “How cute is this!” were the denim-jacket.jpgwords that came from my mouth when I found Cute Little Me’s website, filled with unique, cute clothes perfect for my little fashionista. The name of the store is so befitting! What’s also great about Cute Little Me are the reasonable prices, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice your sense of style and fashion creativity.   

This Shilav denim jacket sales for $36, the Japanese tee for $29, and cords for $27.50. 

Okay, I can’t resist. I have to show you these cute Indo-Chine cropped denim pants ($23).


Aren’t they adorable! I’m so grateful for stores like Cute Little Me because they make is a lot easier to find special, one of a kind clothes for little girls.  

Look out world, here comes my fashionable little princess, my ray of light.


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