Ask The Fashionista: Sun Protection

I swore to myself that I was going to bed early, but as I quickly glossed over the names in my inbox one name in particular caught my eye; it belonged to my long-time friend, Nanora. This email was slightly different because it came from her indirectly. Whenever someone leaves a comment on this website an email notification is sent to me. So, I was eager to read what Nanora had to say because she has been a long time supporter of my crazy ideas and whims. I’m sure she remembers the time when I declared that I was becoming a soap-maker. Yeah, I thought you’d get a kick out of that one. Although she may have been thinking, “What is this girl doing now,” she never voiced a negative opinion, but rather made me believe that I could do it and even offered to be my guinea pig. Girl, thank you!

Nanora, here’s the answer to your sunblock question. There is a product line that really works well for my skin, and that is Skinceuticals. They offer four types of sun protection dailysun30.jpgcremes, but I would recommend you use their Daily Sun Defense SPF 20 which is great to wear without or with a foundation. Skinceuticals uses zinc oxide, which absorbs sun rays rather then scatter them like titanium dioxide; thereby, extending your protection. When you’re ready to hit the mountains for camping, skiing, or snowboarding then I recommend you use their SPF 45, designed for higher altitudes. You can purchase Skinceuticals online at, at Equinox Spa on Wilshire Blvd., or Skin Systems on Westwood Blvd.

I hope that answers your question. Also, I added two links to my blogroll just for you. Every single one of those websites do an outstanding job of reviewing unique, interesting products that I’m sure you’ll enjoy trying.


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