Fashionistas On A Budget

The elder women in my life had some pretty interesting words for me when I was growing up, which were intended to help guide me down the road of life. “Boys don’t like girls with scars on their legs,” my grandmother, Katherine, often said.  “You’re too young to wear black,” she added. I was also told that women who chew gum in public have absolutely no class and little girls don’t spit in public. My mother’s sayings were probably the funniest of them all. “You should always make sure you have on decent underwear because if you’re in an accident and the paramedic has to cut your clothes off, you won’t be embarrassed when you’re stretched out in the street in front a crowd of people,” Jackie, my mother, said. Yes, my mother is a very intriguing person.

 The verbal lesson that sticks out the most is the one my grandmother frequently quoted, “It’s best to buy one expensive thing rather then waste your money on several cheap ones.” I totally agree with her. But, I’m here to tell you, my friends, that buying expensive items don’t have to break you. I’m notorious for buying high end clothes, handbags, and shoes on sale. I will wait patiently for that final markdown, and when I tell people I bought it at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf, Nordstrom, or Saks they automatically assume I spent a small fortune. Not so!

So, are you ready for me to tell you why next week is your lucky week to save a whole lot of money on all your favorites?

On Tuesday, December 26, Saks Fifth Avenue is having a second cut sale. What this means for you is that between the hours of 8am and 12 noon, an additional 50% will be taken off already-reduced prices, meaning that you can save up to 70% off original prices. This is a great opportunity for you to get your hands on that designer handbag you’ve been eying or that pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

I must warn you, this event is like a feeding frenzy of wild animals. The women who show up to this affair are nothing nice to deal with. So, put on your sneakers and sweats, eat a good breakfast because your going to need the energy, and get there by 7:15am.

And, while your standing in those long lines don’t forget to ask for your free beverage (water, juice, or soda). I believe after Christmas they stop offering wine to customers, but it won’t hurt ask.


One Comment on “Fashionistas On A Budget”

  1. hkincaid says:

    You said it! Patience is key, not only to wait for the markdowns, but to be patient in the midst of the shopping crowd on December 26th. I was there, and it’s worth the wait.

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