Living In Style


When I purchased this Capiz lamp in white from West Elm; I was really excited because, as you can see, the lamp is very unique with its cascading natural shells. It took my husband two hours to unwrap those delicate suckers, but it was well worth it. The lamp is absolutely adorable!

West Elm carries some of the most stylish furniture and accents for your home.

Of course, I have to tell you that EQ3 has gorgeous furniture too.  This store is so much better than Ikea with an unparalleled quality and reasonable prices. I love the fact that their sofas are made to order and they have a large selection of fabrics to choose from that will add spunk to any room.


When I saw this picture on Domino’s website, I quickly clicked to subscribe to this home decor magazine. It’s so me and so cute! Although it will probably take me awhile, I’m looking to transform my living space into something c’est magnifique! And, I think this magazine will serve as a great resource for ideas.


3 Comments on “Living In Style”

  1. Maxine says:

    Maybe you are tired of your mocha west elm capiz lamp? I’ve been scouring the world to get one of those! Called every outlet in the country, checked ebay etc. Just thought I’d see if you were ready for a new lamp!

  2. Maxine says:

    Oh and what I also meant to say is, would you be interested to sell it?

  3. Maxine says:

    Did that other comment get published? I can’t see it from this page so sorry if I’m repeating myself! Please let me know if you are tired of your capiz lamp and would like to sell it? Thanks!

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