Mixed Emotions

…You’re not the only one with mixed emotions, you’re not the only ship adrift this ocean. This coming and going is driving me nuts, this to-ing and fro-ing is hurting my guts, so get off the fence it’s creasing your butt, life is a party lets get out and strut…

This song, Mixed Emotions, by the Rolling Stones is so befitting because we as women often display such a wide range of emotions. For many, it’s the weight of the world on their shoulders, for some, the circumstances of life, while others were simply born moody. Fortunately, we know how to work what the universe has dealt out to us, turning it into something fierce and sassy, meaning distinctively smart and stylish.

body_cream_creme_brulletnnew.jpgNeedless to say why I love the concept behind Mixed Emotions’ products. The products go right along with however you’re feeling when you wake up in the morning. If you are in a lovable mood; there is the Kiss Me line, including a body butter, scrub, and shower gel. Then, there is the Bite Me collection for those times when you feel like sucker punching the next person that asks you a stupid question. Of course, they have the confident diva in mind with their Bee Me products.

Mixed Emotions also offers an all in one soap & sponge ($12.50) that is good for cleansing and exfoliating, and it will last for about 15 showers.



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