The Stylish Organizer

When I worked in the corporate world, I was considered a pretty organized individual, but something strange happened a year or two after I quit: I seem to have lost those skills. It’s an interesting phenomenon. My husband swears I have no concept of time and insists I buy a watch. I think my lack of time management may be a contributing factor to my non-organizational abilities. I can’t explain it!

Are you one of those people who can painstakingly look through clothes on a sales rack? Not me, I can’t stand the fact that the clothes aren’t organized into proper categories. Seriously, I become overwhelmed by the whole experience and will pass up the extra savings because it. My cousin, Lorena, is the same way minus the lack of organizational skills. What do you make of this? Humph! It’s bizarre! You would think that I would thrive in this type of environment, but the truth is I’m really not at ease with the disorganization I face on day to day basis in my home either.  

Everyday, I swear that I’m going to become more organized, especially when I look in my pantry, linen closet, make-up drawer, or that growing pile of papers on my desk; the idea of tackling that mess alone dumbfounds me. So…I must take baby steps to accomplish this goal, but…don’t hold your breath.


In the meantime, let me share a tip with all of you who seem to transport your entire life in a bag and the paper and file carrying working girls. The Aubrey bag, a cross between a tote bag and a file box, is the perfect tool to help you look like a fashionably, organized individual.These lovely bags come in a matte white or glossy black and your choice of four leather handles. These are so adorable, and are available at Russell and Hazel, $48 for the expandable five file tote and $60 for the eight file. It’s so fashiolicious! 


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