My Road To Recovery In 2007

Some weeks ago, I was in a Saks Fifth Avenue outlet, using a credit that had been sitting on my Saks credit card for two months. I originally wanted to buy a pair of shoes, but that all changed when a Juicy hoodie caught my eye. I searched for a size small and tried it on. Although it was a little tight, I was satisfied with the fit and decided to buy it, until my hubby affectionately whispered, “Honey, you really need a medium.” What!! I don’t wear a medium anything. “I refuse to buy a medium,” I told him as I returned the hoodie to the rack. Right before the store closed, I rushed in with my baby girl and bought the hoodie. As I made my way out of the line there he was, “Did you buy a medium?” he asked. I answered with a reluctant, “Yes.”

The truth is, he was right. I constantly tell people to wear clothes that are appropriate for their size and body type, but I failed to listen to my own advice because I’m afraid to face the fact that I now weigh 132 pounds and can’t wear any of my clothes, except a pair of Lucky jeans and a couple denim jackets. To add insult to injury, a few weeks later, in that very same store, a salesperson asked me if I was expecting another baby. “Excuse me! I just had a baby,” I replied. I wanted to slap the living daylights out her, but she was right too. I haven’t been able to lose the baby weight as quickly as I have in the past because of the lack of physical activity. I’m really glad I purchased some stylish maternity clothes because that’s what I will be wearing for the moment. 

I used to have it all together. I was a complete health-nut, consuming organic foods, whole grains, fresh veggie juice, and lots of water. I had eliminated dairy, sodas, junk and fastfood from my diet. Before the birth of my daughter, who is the inspiration behind this blog, I was known as the fashion mom. Not a day went by that I wasn’t looking like a runway diva. And, for those days when time was not on my side, I simply put on a voguish full length coat over my pj’s with a cute pair of shoes, wrapped a stylish scarf around my head or wore a wig to hide my crazy hair, and added some mascara, then off I went to drop the boys off at school. No one ever knew I was wearing my pajamas. I was totally into fitness. I practiced bikram yoga five days a week, worked out in a gym three to four days a week, and took a spin and kick boxing class one day a week. Sadly, I stopped working out during my pregnancy because of a medical condition and haven’t been able work out since. Based on what I’ve just told you, you can imagine just how hard this all is for me to handle. It’s pretty depressing! 

As I mentioned in About The Fashionista, I was prepared to give up the fashionable duds and wear sweats and sneakers, but I simply refuse to give into the dark side, and my love for beauty and fashion will not allow me to do so. Now, my weight and my reluctance to buy bigger clothes is presenting another difficult challenge for me.

hot-cocoa.jpgIn short, I am proud to announce that tonight I have had my last cookie and drank my last delicious cup of Mexican Hot Cocoa. In 2007, I am on the road to recovery in order to regain what I’ve lost and overcome the challenges I face in order to maintain the sassy, fashionable woman I am; the one I was born to be.  I plan to do a little excavating this year and take you along for the ride.

What fashion or beauty challenges are you planning to overcome this year? Have you made resolutions to resolve them?



3 Comments on “My Road To Recovery In 2007”

  1. Nicole says:

    Don’t feel so bad. You’ll still have style in a size medium. Hey at least your husband was honest.

  2. kia says:

    yes please don’t feel so bad, but i do know how it feels. i would like to lose weight and go natural, but… i would like to think of it as a lifestyle and not a quick-fix-it deal… is struggling a lifestyle (struggling to lose weight and deal with hair woes)? =(

  3. Carole says:

    Hey, girl. Now you know that I can empathize since I am a fat pig. Since going from a size 6, two kids ago, to my current size 12, I know that I can definitely stand to change things a little also. Keep in mind that I am 5′.We will struggle together. Looking forward to them. Love ya girl.

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