Little Fashionista Gets A Dress

I hate running errands, especially when I have housework that so desperately needs to be done. Why? Because I can’t stick to a time schedule; I get side-tracked and lose sight of time which, occasionally, means I’ll have to rush to pick the boys up from school. Then, once we get home, it’s time to assist with homework, cook, and tend to the needs of Mademoiselle, Ori, who often requires a lot of attention when she’s been in a stroller and car seat all day. What I’m trying to tell you is that my housework gets put on the back burner until the next day. Nevertheless, I needed to stop by Target for paper towels and Swiffer refills, return Wee Sing Pretend to Borders, go to the bank, etc.


With all of these errands, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to exercise today, so I parked my car a couple blocks down from one of the destinations on my list, grabbed my Diaper Diva diaper bag, put Ori in her pink and black Pliko stroller, slipped a few coins in the meter, and started walking. Since this area (a fashionista’s haven) where I was is surrounded by high-end boutiques, a mall, specialty and unique children stores; I could easily get caught up in one of these stores and completely lose track of time. On my way to the bank, I did pretty well. I was able to resist temptation; however, on the way back to the car I stopped into Giggle, an adorable store for fashionable kids. I walked in there determined to be mindful of my budget and the many tasks set before me until…I spotted a cute dress and matching hat by Tea that Ori just had to have. I couldn’t stop imagining how cute she was going look. Besides, she needed the dress to keep her warm, and it was on sale. Now, the only things I need to find are the perfect accessories to make this little dress come alive.  


Let me just say, I think its ridiculous retailers charge adult prices for kid’s clothes that require less material. I understand the law of economics; demand drives prices up, but still!


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