Inspiration Through Fashion

With the birth of my daughter, my life slightly veered off the road I was traveling, with great contentment, onto one that presents a whole different set of challenges. Being a fashionable mom is somewhat difficult now. I can’t wear necklaces or bracelets because they always seem to scratch Ori or get caught in her hair. It really doesn’t make sense for me to carry a purse and diaper bag so I only carry the latter. Then there is the baby weight I’m still managing to cling to.     

Whenever there is a void in our lives, we have a tendency to adopt alternatives to help us cope with sadness or fill an empty space. Since I made a conscious decision to not buy clothes because I’m no longer a size 4 or accessories because of the baby, buying books somehow made me feel better about my situation. Please don’t ask because I can’t explain why. What I do know is that the very thing I’m avoiding is now going to be my source of inspiration. After I saw the fabulous outfits Samida whipped together on her blog, the fire rekindled within, and gave me the desire to buy the clothes I need to fit my new frame, knowing that its only temporary. I must not lose sight of my sense of style, the essence of who I am. Simply deciding not to buy clothes is not the solution to my problem. Instead, I need to remain focused on losing the weight. 

My fashion inspiration thanks to Samida


What I like about Samida, is her ability to create great looks by combining the inexpensive with the expensive and she gives good pairing ideas. I love this dress by Anna Sui.


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