I Heart Be & D

Growing up, I was queen of the big handbags. I absolutely adored them, even though I never carried much in them. During my teenage years, my bag played an important role in my act of mischief on Sunday mornings because it was the perfect size to smuggle magazines in church. The way I used big handbags shifted gradually as the years rolled on. They became a fashionable way of toting books to school and my son around the house when he was five months old. As a teen, when I worked in the mall for Contempo Casuals, I was always buying bags. I even made a botched attempt to create my own. Though I never carried it in public, it hung in my closet, serving as a holder for my personal items. Of course, my obsession grew to include unique and cute bags of all shapes and sizes. I guess you can say I was a purse addict, and to a certain extent I still am.

The handbag has made some pretty dramatic changes over the centuries, and so has the way we use them. They’ve evolved into a chic accessory, and we all know that a really good stylish handbag is an absolute necessity; one that has the ability to add a little flavor to whatever you’re wearing.

When husband and wife team, Be Inthavong and Steve Dumain, the creative force behind Be & D luxury handbags, introduced their studded Garbo bag in 2005 I was instantly hooked, and have been a fan ever since. I absolutely love the unique style of Be & D

Oh how I long for the new Be & D Crawford Hobo bag.


Whenever I want my handbag to be the center of attention, I usually wear all black in order to make the bag really stand out.  So, it will look something like this:



Cute! Cute! Cute!


One Comment on “I Heart Be & D”

  1. kia says:

    yes,… very cute. since my favorite shoulder and my back have taken a beating from the latest trend (and the oversized purses doubling as a semi-diaper bag) i’ve scaled back and choose medium sized bags now.

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