Thanks, Miss Jessie

curlybuttercreme.jpgI was sitting down this morning, nursing Mademoiselle, and going through emails when I heard someone ring my door bell. “Who is it?” I yelled. “UPS,” the voice answered back. I put the baby down on the sofa and headed towards the door. To my surprise, the delivery woman was holding a box from Miss Jessie with my Curly Buttercreme tucked safely inside. I ran upstairs and immediately applied the creme to my thirsty hair. Yeah! I’m so happy because my hair has been suffering from extreme dryness. I was trying my best to hold on to the small amount of Baby Buttercreme I had left by applying it to my edges and a tiny amount to my hair every two days. On the other days, I would use either water or Island Lite, which I also only had a small amount of. Why did I allow my products to get so low? Well, I’m a major procrastinator, and I hate paying the $10 shipping fee. It is the fundamental idea of paying shipping for creme that already costs $58. The shipping should be FREE! It really bugs me. So, when that 2 for 1 deal rolled around I jumped at the opportunity to replenish since I was getting something free. My hair is happy again! Thanks, Miss Jessie

I should inform you that this is not an all natural hair creme. The complete review of this product is located in the hair category.  


3 Comments on “Thanks, Miss Jessie”

  1. Samida says:

    I LOVE Miss Jessie’s products! I wish I could afford to buy more than less, but they are so worth the wait and money. The random alternatives out there are no where near Miss Jessie’s!

  2. Nicole says:

    Oh yes Ms. Fashionista I also jumped on the buy one get one free that Miss Jessie was offering. What a great deal. Thanks for posted it and letting us know.

  3. Tashina says:

    The 2 for 1 is going on right now 😛 I think I will cave in and try the baby buttercreme

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