A Girl’s Guide To Voguish Travel

If everything goes smoothly, my son will be going to Costa Rica this summer with his school. I had been racking my brain, trying so hard to figure out how I could possibly attend as a chaperone given that Mademoiselle will only be nine months old. But, reality settled in, and I have come to terms with not being able to see such a beautiful country. So, my passport will continue to collect dust.

For those of you who do have plans to travel some where in the near future or this summer, here are a few things you must have to guarantee you will arrive in vogue.  


These are my favorite. Carry on Suiter


Terrida Effetto Duffel


Terrida Effetto Trolley

Now that you have your luggage, you must not forget these essential travel accessories.


Personalized Crocodile Luggage Tags


Croc Travel wallet to hold your tickets, boarding pass, passport and other documents.


You can’t forget a travel shawl for that chilly plane ride.


Of course, you’ll need some personalized shoe and bikini bags and travel candles.

Have a great trip, and don’t forget to send me a postcard.


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