Ask The Fashionista: Foundation

A couple days ago, my Aunt Shirley sent me an email, asking if I could recommend a good foundation for her. Why, certainly! 

At the age of 18, when I first began wearing serious make-up, Fashion Fair cosmetics was my top pick. I am amazed that I’m still able to visualize myself walking into Emporium Capwell’s and purchasing my first Fashion Fair foundation, powder, and a stick of Radiant Red lipstick encased in a pink tube. However, as the years rolled on and new products emerged, I moved on.

Well, I’m not a loyalist when it comes to beauty products, so it is not uncommon for me to jump on board a ship with products that are swooning with media prescriptives.jpgbuzz, causing me to often abandon my first love, Prescriptives, a brand I had been using off and on for a number of years. As a result, I started using M.A.C., but the foundation was too harsh, making my face dry as a bone that has been left outside for a couple months. Also, the color of MAC’s foundation never quite matched my skin perfectly, resulting in comments like, “Your make-up looks great.” I hated that! I never want to appear as though I’m wearing foundation; therefore, I went back to Prescriptives.

What’s great about the brand is the custom blending option for those individual who are unable to find an exact match for their skin tone. My sister, Tiffany, had some reservations about wearing foundation because of her dark complexion, but soon discovered that Prescriptives looks absolutely gorgeous on her, making her skin appear smooth, supple, and naturally flawless. Prescriptive is definitely one option for my aunt. 

But…there’s more… 

A year and half ago when I was once again out of my Prescriptives foundation, this guy told me all about Nars and how great the cosmetics line was. His hype and the stuff I had been reading in magazines made me eager to give their foundation a try. One day, I got myself together, jumped on a train, and headed to Neiman Marcus. I was surprised that I was able to refrain myself from cruising the entire store because you know the Amex was burning a hole in my wallet. When I arrived at the Nars cosmetics counter I told the salesperson what I was looking for; however, we soon discovered that there was not a foundation available for my skin tone. I was so hurt. I really wanted to love Nars, I did. The salesperson recommended some brand I can’t remember at Sephora and also some other line at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

So, there I was strutting across Union Square to Saks, hoping to find something. To make a long story short, the sales-guy told me that I really didn’t armani.jpgneed to wear foundation, but since I insisted on wearing one, I should try Armani. Oh my god! This was the best recommendation for me. I absolutely love Armani’s light weight luminous silk foundation now. The color looks really good on my skin, giving me a natural, fresh look. Also their lip glosses are to die for. Love love love Armani, which is my new favorite. 

I highly recommend both Prescriptives and Armani; you can’t go wrong with whichever one you decide to choose. Both are available at Neiman Marcus. Prescriptives is also sold at Nordstrom and Macy’s, but not all stores custom blend.


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