Treat Thyself

It is a rare occasion for me to indulge in a relaxing bubble bath or take long showers. Typically, I don’t like to take a soak in the tub in the afternoon because the warmth of the water on my skin puts me right to sleep, but after I laid Mademoiselle down for a nap I immediately jumped at the opportunity to treat myself to a little me time.

I grabbed my free issue of Mother Jones, a journalism magazine, turned on the water, andcoconut-bath.jpg poured in my favorite Coconut Foaming Bath by The Body Shop. Because The Body Shop’s foam bath creates the perfect bubbles, I couldn’t wait for the tub to finish filling up before slipping in. The scent of coconuts filling the entire upstairs helped to make the perfect thirty minute escape from the mundane concerns of every day life. Before I forget, the foam bath normally sells for $16 dollars, but is on sale for $8 online.

After a bath or shower, I usually apply The Body Shop’s Coconut Body Butter and body-butter.jpgCoconut oil spray. Thanks to these products my skin is as soft as silk, resulting in my boys constantly telling me how soft I am. In fact, I recently started buying the butter for them since they were unable to refrain from using mine, claiming they too wanted soft skin. Normally, I don’t wear perfume because the scent is strong enough and lasts the entire day. 

I have to tell you this funny story before I go on. I used to take a spin class once a week before I got pregnant. One day during class the instructor yelled out, “Who smells like coconuts?” “Uh, that would be me!” The scent of my coconut body butter and oil filled the entire class. After I fessed up, the instructor replied, “Wow, you smell good.” 

Although it doesn’t make as many bubbles as The Body Shop’s foam bath, I also use Lush’s Bubble Bars because I love the scent of bath-bomb.jpgcandy and other pleasant fragrances they offer. I often make my own bath time cocktails by combining the Bubble Bars with Lush’s Bath Bombs and Bath Melts, which are great if you have dry skin. Please be warned if you buy the melts in the summer be careful; they’re made of cocoa butter and will melt if left sitting in a hot car.

What are you waiting? Go and treat thyself!  




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