The Art Of Self Love

feastonyourlife_3.jpgWhile passing by an exhibit at the art festival I attended in September of 2004, I was captivated by a bright colored painting. When I walked over to take a closer look, I discovered it was of a voluptuous woman wearing a vibrantly colored dress with kinky hair, using a slice of watermelon as a pillow. As I looked through all of Karin’s, the artist, work I noticed that not only were watermelons utilized in the majority of her paintings, but also the women all had shapely figures with ample hips. Instead of being offended, I immediately fell in love because there was something about those images that moved me; something I found beautiful. 

In the past, there has been a series of social events that played a huge role in constructing and cultivating a negative system of beliefs that Karin, through her art, attempts to dispel. Like writers, artist hold the power to re-create the self and re-invent negative imagery, turning them into positive ones which is exactly what Karin is doing.  

I do own some of Karin’s art, but my camera refused to do my original painting Delusions of Posture justice so I borrowed this one entitled Passions, and the one above called Feast on Your Life from her website.


But there is also something else looming in her works of art…

One day, my hubby called to my attention that the women in every one of Karin’s paintings resembled her. “That’s her,” he said. After studying the paintings I agreed, “It sure is!” When I brought this observation to the artist, she responded by saying, “You think so?” “It’s not something I’m trying to do,” she added. Interesting! Let me just add this piece of information before I continue. Karin is an amazing, friendly person, and her paintings exude her upbeat personality. 

Karin’s art is the epitome of self love; as a result she subconsciously paints images of herself every time her brush hits the canvas. I guess that’s why her art speaks to me because its about loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. Its about removing self-doubt, a low self-esteem, and the negative thoughts you have about yourself that were created by garbage (jealous and hateful people not worth two cents, who see something beautiful and amazing in you, resulting in them trying by any means necessary to bring you down). 

I love Karin’s art because it is a gentle reminder that I should celebrate who I am every day. 



One Comment on “The Art Of Self Love”

  1. Dee says:

    Her work is beautiful, thank you for introducing me to her!

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