Babe Cake Duo Eyeliner

On days when I have to leave the house I try to run as many errands as possible. So when Madamoiselle had a well baby appointment this past Thursday, I was determined to get a much needed brow waxing, go to Babies ‘r Us, Ikea, and do a little window shopping before 2 o’clock.

Well, the morning didn’t start off as I had originally planned. We were running late, which meant I had to quickly prepare the boys lunches, change and dress Madamoiselle, and get myself ready, since I had no intentions of going back home after I dropped the boys off at school. The only way I was going to get them there on time was to forgo putting on makeup and eating the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

While on the way to the freeway, after I dropped the boys off, I started thinking of healthy places to eat within the vicinity of where my brow appointment was. I decided to go to Wholefoods, which could be dangerous for someone like me who has no sense of time. You see, I’ve been shopping at this natural grocery store for 14 years now, and I know a lot of the people who work there. Needless to say, I’m a very talkative individual; as a result, I will be in the store all day long if I see a familiar face. 

I spoke to few people and Tahira, the bakery buyer. After Tahira and a couple of other girls gushed over Madamoiselle and gawked over my Coach fur suede boots (I get so many compliments from both men and women whenever I wear these), I grabbed a vegan banana and blueberry muffin, an orange, and ordered a mango/banana smoothie to go. While Tahira so kindly whipped up my smoothie, I ran to the register to pay for the items. As you may have guessed, I was behind schedule, and soon realized that I didn’t have enough time to go to Babies ‘r us first, so I made my way to Benefit.

As I walked in, the women went crazy over my boots and diaper bag, saying I was too hot to be a mom and that my bag was appropriately titled, Diaper Diva. Awww! You know this pumped my ego, reassuring me that the changes I made to my diet and a little exercise were beginning to pay off.  

My original plan was not only to get my brows waxed, but also to get some free makeup on my face. First was the waxing, and Christine did an outstanding job. I love going to Benefits because they literally work magic on my crazy eyebrows. My hairline and brows connect, and usually I have to color them in with powder because they’re so thin, but when these girls do their thing my brows appear full, eliminating the need to fill them in.

Afterwards, I went to the counter and asked the salesperson if Benefit had a really good babe-cake.jpgeyeliner. She quickly suggested a liquid liner and recommended Babe Cake, a duo eyeliner that includes the colors natural brown and black. Liquid? Well, it really didn’t matter because I had no aspirations to actually buy it…at first. She showed me the small black compact which looked more like eyeshadow than a liner, and a little bent brush. I was confused, until she said told me the brush needed to be wet before placing it into the dry powder. I allowed her to put it on while I held Madamoiselle in my lap. When she finished I looked in the mirror, and OMG! I had to buy it.  

Love, love, love this eyeliner. I really want my eyes to pop whenever I’m out and about, and this is probably the first eyeliner to help achieve that goal without smudging or bent-brush.jpgrunning later on in the day. In fact, I was so tired that night; I did not wash my face before going bed, but didn’t feel too bad because I wasn’t wearing foundation. When I woke up, my liner was still in place as if I had just applied it. This was perfect for me. I simply washed my face, being careful not to disturb the eye makeup, put on some moisturizer, and I was good to go. You know how those women in the movies go to bed and wake looking made up? Okay, that was me on Friday morning.   

I was a little concerned about using the brush and a liquid liner, but I had absolutely no problems. It was so easy to apply. It is definitely a klutz proof brush. 

Let me sum this post up by telling you that I got Madamoiselle to the doctor’s office late because I locked my keys in car at Babies ‘r us. I’m so smart!


3 Comments on “Babe Cake Duo Eyeliner”

  1. Marvina says:

    This sounds interesting. I have been thinking about switching from a pencil eyeliner so I will be trying this one.

  2. kia says:

    so it looks like a sleek liquid liner on your eye? how cool… i’ve been doing the wet/shadow deal lately to line my eyes. not the sleek look of a liquid, but a nice soft line of color on my eyes. i’ll wet the brush or use an angle brush and metallic shadow over dark liner.

    i’m going to keep my eye out for this product. thanks!

  3. I failed to mention that it doesn’t look like a liner. It gives more of a matte finish, which I think gives it a more dramatic effect. I was using an eyeshadow powder with a wet slanted brush too, but this one is totally different. The brush has a fine tip, which gives you more control.

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