Your Wish Is My Command

true-religion-back.jpgEvery single one of us, regardless of body type (hour glass, pear, or box), has some difficulties in finding the perfect pair of jeans, and if your like me it takes a while to find the right pair. My solution, once I’ve found them, and I think I mentioned this to you before, is to have them altered in the waist to achieve the ultimate custom fit.

However, I realize that some of you may consider the alteration option an additional hassle. Well, have no fear because today, while reading Diablo magazine, I discovered a website dedicated to reducing the laborious task of figuring out what brand of jeans will provide you with a supreme pair of denims.  

The article, entitled Jean Jeanie:

Jeans shopping instills fear in even well-seasoned fashionistas. Finding a pair that fits just right can make denim seem daunting. With hundreds of brands and triple-digit price tags, the stakes are high.

To slash dressing room time, visit The new Emeryville-based website has got your, um, behind.

I recently logged on and filled out Zafu’s two-minute questionnaire (I did too!), which felt a little like chatting with a girlfriend about jeans that didn’t gap in the back and would help my 5-foot-2-inch from appear longer. Eleven questions concern weight and height, as well as more intangible traits – such as what I’d like to hide when wearing jeans. Answers are converted into proprietary formula; seconds lather I received specific brands and styles matched to my “wish list.”

Zafusuggested six jeans that would fit me “best” and another 35 that would fit merock.jpg “well” (that list included two favorite pairs I already own), ranging in price from $29 to $176. The recommendations also included what size to buy and where. I surfed through Zafu’s “jean pool,” product reviews, and shopping links, then headed to my favorite shop armed with a printout of recommended denim. I picked up a pair of AG Jeans, from the list that Zafu said would fit me best, and the recommended size was perfect.   

I checked the website out and my findings were the same as Ami Zensius, the author; however, I was only given one recommendation that suggested Baby Phat jeans would be a supreb match for my body type. While this may be accurate, I know from experience that 7 for all Mankind, AG, and Citizens for Humanity also look great on me; nevertheless, they were not included in Zafu’s results. It’s an interesting concept and still worth a visit. 

After you’ve had a chance to experience the website tell me what you think.


One Comment on “Your Wish Is My Command”

  1. Atiyah says:

    I am waiting for their plus sized suggestions.

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