The Glamorous Cook

My body mocks me on a daily basis, reminding me that I’m getting older. It just doesn’t do what it’s suppose to anymore. In the kitchen, for example, I’m always spilling something on myself, which wasn’t the case before. There was a time when I could get in and out of the kitchen without my clothes being subjected to potentially damaging ingredients, but as time progresses on, I seem to be turning into a klutz. So, you know what that means? I’ve been searching the web for a cute apron.

Now, I’m no Betty Crocker; I can only prepare simple meals. In fact when I got my first apartment, my mother gave me two items for the kitchen. “Here,” she said. “A pot for your hotdogs and a skillet for your french fries,” she added. This should not be a surprise because my mother could not and can not cook! It’s just that simple. Thank god my grandmother lived down the street where I could get a good home-cooked southern meal.

I still have fond memories of my grandmother in the kitchen, wearing an apron she whipped up in her sewing room. Louise has been and continues to be stylish no matter what. I’ve never asked her, but maybe she thought the aprons in stores were boring or lacking in design choice, creating a desire within to craft her own.

I can’t sew either, but I found a place where I can purchase an apron with the power to transform me into one glamorous cook. Kitsch’n Glam carries a variety of chic aprons for men, women, and the little fashion maven in training.


What’s also cool about this peacock apron as well as others available on Kitsch’n Glam’s website is the matching oven mitts. How cute is that! Plus, they carry aprons for full figured women too.   



One Comment on “The Glamorous Cook”

  1. kia says:

    i like the new layout! however, we can only post on the newest post =( wow, i like that denim finder idea. let me go check it out!

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