Delight the Senses: Room Spray


I love being confronted with a fresh pleasant smell when I open my front door after running around town. It puts me in a good mood and relaxes me.

Several weeks ago, I ran into a store out of curiosity and was thrilled when I discovered Voluspa room sprays. Have you ever heard of eau de parfum for your house? Well, this is exactly what their room sprays are. 

At first I was drawn by the sleek sophisticated packaging, but once I got a whiff of the actual scent I was hooked.

Voluspa offers a variety of aesthically pleasing packaging to fit whatever your specific tastes and needs are. I really like the Basic Black Collection that features wonderful scents like Fleur de Cocoa and Italian Tangelo. I own two sprays from the Basic Creme Collection which is designed for those who prefer something with a lighter scent or neutral colored packaging. I can’t get enough of Saijo Persimmon and Paheri Mango Leaf. They leave such a tropical scent in my home; its like taking a mental vacation every time I spray them.  

Check out the website for other collections.

You can also search Voluspa’s website to find a retailer near you.   

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