Rain Rain Please Go Away!

I can’t stand the rain. In fact, I just left a message for Samida, telling her I was so ready for the cold weather and rain to finally go away. The gloomy weather is so depressing, making it quite difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning. Once I finally drag myself out of bed, it’s hard to keep motivated to do much of anything.

To solve this problem, in 2005 I made a conscious decision not to let the rain get me down, and I was to accomplish this by looking as cute and stylish as possible. Determined to find fashionable rain gear, I searched high and low for an umbrella and rain boots that were very unique with an eye catching design and color. Lucky me, when Neiman Marcus drastically slashed the prices on a Paul Smith umbrella and his matching boots. Yippie! I hit the jackpot with these cuties.


I feel so great when I’m wearing my boots and carrying the umbrella in the rain. The compliments I get from both men and women alone put a nice big smile on my face. What’s really funny is that men usually go crazy over my boots, often asking where they can purchase a pair for their significant other. 

While it may be hard for you to get your hands on this particular pair of boots and the umbrella, you may want to consider one of these lovely umbrellas by Pare*Umbrella.

  061801.gif 060201-001.gif


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