This Month…

Mademoiselle got her first tooth, while this may be an exciting event for most, it isn’t for a nursing mother. She and I battle daily over biting issues. Mademoiselle just doesn’t bite, she locks down like a pit bull in a dog fight. She finds it rather funny when I say in a stern voice, “Don’t do that!” 


Of course, teething makes Mademoiselle very irritable, resulting in me not being able to get anything done. It’s been pretty frustrating for me. I long for the time when the boys get home from school and the DH makes an appearance after working all day so I can take a tiny break.

I say a tiny break because even though Mademoiselle hasn’t been herself lately, she’s still a joy to be around. She loves to laugh. In fact, whenever I or the hubby laugh out loud she starts laughing too as if she understood the joke. It’s the funniest thing. Also, she loves to bounce up and down without music.

I feel so sorry for my youngest son, Monsieur G. because he works Mademoiselle’s nerve and she has no shame in letting him know that by screaming at him. Sometimes when I pick him up from school, as soon as he get into the car she screams, letting him know not to even think about talking to her.

dscn0127.JPGMademoiselle also took her first ride on a swing a few days ago. I was suppose to be walking around the entire 3 mile lake, but got side-tracked by all the strollers parked in one area. I got excited when I saw what I thought were other moms playing with their little ones since it meant I would get a chance to engage in some adult conversation; however, after I sat on the swing with Mademoiselle in my lap I quickly realized that those women were not the actual parents, but the babysitters who were either Ethopian or Latina. I say this to say that I still was unable to have a conversation with either of them because they were sitting amongst themselves speaking in their native tongues. I felt like a fish out of water.

As I sat and observed the caregivers and how they interacted with each child, I realized that even though being a SAHM can be challenging, there is no place I’d rather be than home with my own child.

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One Comment on “This Month…”

  1. Shanesha says:

    Aww, cute pic of Madamoiselle! Thanks for blogrolling me!

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