Just a Little Vain

Okay, I’ll admit it… I’m just a little vain when it comes to Mademoiselle.

And yes, I know she’s only six months old, but I just can’t stand it when she’s not looking her best, especially in public. I can’t get out of the house on time to save my behind. Although I’ve already confessed to my lack of time management skills, I only mention it again to let you know why there are times when I have to rush out of the house without combing Mademoiselle’s hair.

So, her hair looks a frizzy mess. I nearly bit my bottom lip completely off when the barista at Moonstruck Cafe remarked, “Her hair looks exactly like mine when I wake up in the morning.”  “Hehe!” No sweetie, that’s not funny!

What bothers me the most is that Mademoiselle’s hair is bald in the back and is now starting to fall out on the sides. In an attempt to prevent further damage to her hair, I’ve tried so desperately, without success, to tie a silk scarf on her head at night, but it alway manages to slip off.

So, I set out to find a high quality satin pillowcase that she could use now and when she gets a little older. I was so happy when my dear hubby found, Neero & Ana, a company that specializes in satin pillowcases designed specifically to help restore hair’s natural moisture, prevent hair breakage and tangling, and promote healthier hair.


At first, I wasn’t willing to dish out $29.99 for one pillow case, but was convinced after I read: Neero & Ana satin pillowcases are made from 100% acetate bridal satin. It’s thick texture, quality and weave allows for nearly frictionless contact ~ benefits associated with healthy hair. …fibers should have strength, elasticity, and resiliency. All this brought to mind the many satin pillowcases I tried in the past and my dissatisfaction with each. They just weren’t sturdy enough; often falling a part in the wash. 

Needless to say, I placed an order.

Anything to keep Mademoiselle’s mane healthy. 


3 Comments on “Just a Little Vain”

  1. Shanessence says:

    I’ve been sleeping on a satin pillowcase every night since I got my SLs. I used to wrap my hair, but hubby prefers the freeness. I bought mine from Amazon.com, and the $27.00 2-pack was on sale for $3.99! I left one at our hotel in Chicago, so I’m going to have to buy another pack.

    Thanks for sharing about your finds; let me know how the pillowcase works for her hair! One other thing that you can do is use a little jojoba oil on her entire scalp; it’s a natural oil close to our skin’s natural moisture, and it does wonders to soften, tame, and moisturize the hair without weighing it down or irritating sensitive skin.

  2. Dee says:

    I bought some satin to make a pillowcase (headties never stay on), but haven’t done so yet. Also, I think for satin, handwashing is probably a better idea. Just swish around with a dab of soap, rinse and hang to dry. As for Mademoiselle’s hair, it’s not damaged. It’s perfectly normal for babies to go bald on the sides and in the back and then have the hair grow back. It happened to all three of mine. 🙂

  3. claudia says:

    Hello. I love your blog. You did not ask for this info but I thought I’d pass this along since you are so awesome to pass along so much great information to your readers. My aunt is a beautician and gets some bridal satin quality pillowcases at a steal. You can oder them from this site:


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