Bright Ideas


A little while ago, I mentioned that I was in the process of transforming my living space into something c’est magnifique. I also told you that it often takes me a long time to do things; as a result, my projects often become a long, drawn out process. With that said, I’m finally looking for an end table and lamp for the living room.

At first I thought about getting a Capiz table lamp to match my Capiz floor lamp from West Elm, but after thinking about it I decided to fine tune the art of mixing and matching to design a space that reflects my individual style and personality without being too girlie for the sake of the boys and DH. So, I’m searching for another really unique lamp that will not only add more color to my living room, but will accent my burnt orange Salema sofa and loveseat from EQ3.  

My fabulously stylish instinct led me to Leucos, an Italian company that specializes in sophisticated contemporary glass lighting designs. I immediately fell in love with the Pullo lamp pictured above. It is my all time favorite! While I absolutely adore this lamp, it’s a little pricey at $795, and all I can visualize is my son walking through the front door and knocking it off the table with his lacrosse stick. And that my friends would be a tragic event.

I also found these unique and really cool table lamps at Leucos that I wouldn’t mind having around to brighten up my living space. What’s also great about Leucos is they carry a wide range of lamps to fit your needs.





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One Comment on “Bright Ideas”

  1. kia says:

    ultra-cool stuff! i love the post on the baby/toddler stuff too! how cute!

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