Diaper Bag Divas

My DH thinks I’m a sucker for really cute things, and he is absolutely correct. I will stop dead in my tracks for something super cute and yell, “How cute is that!” I was in the process of writing a different post until I ran across these must-have baby accessories for the voguish mom or mom-to-be at Abella Boutique.


Funky diaper and wipe holder, $15.


For the extremely coordinated moms, there is the diaper, wipe, and cream holder with a matching changing pad, $38.


Oh my god, how cute is that! These little flower hats are so adorable, $20.


Pink camouflage diaper bag, $60.


I think this is the most pretty baby sling I’ve seen, and it is very functional with a zip closed pocket for keys, money, phones, or whatever. Zoe loves pink is the perfect name for this sling, $89. I wish I had found this one before I purchased the Moby wrap.


What a cute way to discipline your little one with this “time out mat” $22.


Handpainted jungle table and chairs ($78 per chair & $124 for the table).


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3 Comments on “Diaper Bag Divas”

  1. Drea says:

    The sling you pictured is a zolowear sling. Ive used one before. Ive also made my own slings. Out of all the slings Ive tried I like the slings from http://www.slingcarrier.com
    THEY ROCK. THey are so soft and lightly padded… not bulky though. Its smaller than the zolosling.
    Its adjust easier than the zolosling as well. I use it A LOT. I love my Moby as well though 🙂

  2. Wow, Drea, you actually made your own? I’m impressed! I love my moby too. It really comes in handy when I have a lot of house cleaning to do and Mademoiselle wants to be held.

  3. nikimartinet says:

    Where is that jungle table from? I really love it and cannot find it? Please email me if you know

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