Little Fashionista


I did not want to go into Nordstrom yesterday. Seriously, I’m telling you the god honest truth, but my son insisted. The only thing I wanted to do after I picked the boys up from school was to purchase some dinner forks and glasses from Crate & Barrel. Oh but no, I ended up buying three t-shirts and sunglasses for the eldest son, a pair of D&G sunglasses for myself, shoes for the youngest son, and an outfit for baby Mlle O. How crazy is that!

Now, I’ll admit that I did tell my son, D, that I would buy him a couple things from H&M. That said, it pretty much was downhill from there. 

While D was in the dressing room (this is the first time I allowed him to go by himself), I went over to the little girl’s section to check out items on the sales rack, but could not find anything worth buying. I swear to you I was on my way out of there until I strolled by a rack of clothing by Pumpkin Patch and found the cute little floral babydoll top pictured above. Of course, I had to purchase the floral applique cropped jeans to go with the top. I’m sorry, but a pair of baby cropped jeans…impossible to pass up. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a picture of the pair I purchased, but I found the next best thing to give you some idea of how Mlle O is going to look tomorrow. 

The bracelet is from Kincaid Designs, which I plan to order next week and the shoes are in fuchsia.  

How cute is that!  





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