Style Jacking

If I had to name a celebrity that best fit my personal style, I would have to choose Halle Berry. I will search like crazy all over the internet to see what she’s been wearing lately. No matter where you see her, she’s always fashionably dressed.

Maybe you’re not a fanatic like me, but I know you’ve seen a celebrity and wondered where you could possibly get your hands on that very same outfit, or one close to it. For that very reason, I’m amazed at Samida‘s celebrity style jacking abilities. She can find pretty much anything worn by a celebrity, which fills me with joy because it makes life a lot easier for me.

Just witness her skills for yourself. The following photos are from Samida’s website Stained Couture. Check out the site for details.  




So, I guess I should also tell you that Samida is pretty good at the online stylist thing. What I like about her blog, E-stylist, is that she will help you put together an outfit for free. Yes girl, free! And, what she creates won’t hurt your wallet because Samida’s pretty good at finding inexpensive alternatives. It’s a great site to get ideas on how to pair items together.

These are my favorite outfits:



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One Comment on “Style Jacking”

  1. Samida says:

    Mucho garcias! You made me blush! Thank you so much!!

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