All Right, OK, You Win

For the past several months, I have successfully managed to drive by Jenny’s Beauty Supply and, I might add, without entertaining the thought of making a certain purchase. Yay, me!

That is…until yesterday.

My hair has been in its natural state for almost nine years now, but I’ve also struggled with styling my hair for every one of those years. I just cannot do it, and let’s not even mention how lazy I am when it comes to dealing with my ultra thick and super coarse mane. I just hate dealing with it, yet I’m still determined to remain natural. So, the easiest and less time consuming solution for me is to either wear braids, a scarf, or a wig

However, all that came to a screeching halt when I noticed my thinning hair line. I mean, it was pretty close to bald. I could definitely see a lot of scalp. My hair was shedding due to post-pregnancy hormonal changes. After I freaked out a little bit, I started using Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme every day to keep my hair moisturized and laid off the braids and wigs in an effort to prevent any further damage. I really didn’t know what else to do until someone suggested I try Phyto’s Phytocyane for thinning hair.


I asked this unknown woman several times if the product actually worked because I was a little apprehensive about shelling out $48, but she insisted it did. Well she convinced me! I immediately purchased a box, and I’m glad I did. My hair has made some progress and is now starting to thicken around the edges once again. I’ve also been using Kinky Curly’s Curling Custard. This product is a good detangler and it makes my hair more managable and a whole lot easier to put in a ponytail. I’ll write up a full review in a much later post, but until then you can read about Afrobella’s experience with Kinky Curly.

I know you’re probably waiting for me to tell you what possessed me to go into Jenny’s Beauty Supply, right? Okay, I get this email in my inbox, telling me that I still have a chance to purchase tickets to attend this designer shopping event that includes cocktails, a goodie bag filled with free beauty products, and 60% off designer clothes and jewelry. I got excited, invited a friend, and purchased the tickets.

I really want to be cute for this event tonight, but with two busy boys and Baby Mademoiselle, I know I’m not going to have enough time to wash my hair and I don’t want to wear a scarf. As I’m driving down the street with all this on my mind I finally say to myself, “All right, ok, you win, Jenny.” And, I marched through the front door, straight to the back, sat down, and tried on some wigs. Oh what the heck, I figure my hair has recovered and I definitely need a brand new hair-do.  

Yay, for a quick and easy no fuss hair style for a busy mama.



9 Comments on “All Right, OK, You Win”

  1. P says:

    Ohhh.. I sooo know what you mean about the struggle btwn natural hair and going “the other route”. Ugh. I’m having that tug of war now with myself. The things we ladies must struggle with in this life.. SIGH.. 😉

  2. samida says:

    Phyto products are definitely worth the price most of the time. A year ago, I was dealing with a lot of stress that showed all over my head with dry hair and breakage. I used their moisturizing mask and it work almost instantly! That price hurt, though!

  3. kia says:

    hey trac!

    when you said the beauty supply store won… i was so hoping you weren’t going to say that you gave into the creamy crack and got a relaxer.. whew! i was scared for a minute!

    wow..i’m worried about the stress and balding edges as i’m transitioning to natural hair. i just got some braids that snatched the bajeezus out of my edges, so i won’t be getting anymore for a while. i so plan to loc my hair when i’m through transitioning!

    i’ve also heard of monistat (or the generic) to put in hair to make it grow.. via a friend who reads the long hair care forum like a bible. many pics and testimonies of it working, but i haven’t had a severe need for it, … and i was skeptical about paying the $20/tube of that! lol… i’m glad your remedy worked. thanks for putting us on =)

  4. Don’t you just hate that, P? My husband does nothing to his hair and face except wash it and his hair grows like crazy and his skin is flawless. Argh!

    Thanks, Samida, for the tip on the mask. I was wondering if it worked or not.

    Kia. Are you talking about the same Monistat cream used for yeast infections? Had that experience too with the braids snatching out my edges and the hair will not grow back in that one spot.

  5. kia says:

    yes i’m talking about that cream… hmmm i’ll try to find a link for you on longhaircareforum

  6. Nikki says:

    I just used a Phyto sample last weekend. Thanks for the review- this is exactly what my sister needs! I’m emailing her this post now.


  7. Hey Nikki, let me know how it works out for your sister.

  8. Yacine says:

    here’s an advice before asking an advice, I had my own hair braiding business two years ago hand it over when I got married so ladies if you have problem with thinning hair especially around the edges dont braid it. The excuse I mostly get from my clients was that it was stress. The braids will just take the rest out or at least dont get those tiny micro braids, or if you really have to have your micro braids tell them to make the thin part which is usually the edges,big. I had some clients who really love tiny braids who keeps getting them until their the hole edges were gone.

    Now I would love to go natural but I’m so tender headed that my customers almost never sore me with braids. if I dont perm my hair to make it soft and manageable, my comb will not touch my scalp.

    What products do you use Fashionista to keep your hair soft? I try different products and different technics but I always end up going back to perm.

  9. Yacine: Thanks so much for the braiding tips. It was the tiny braids that made my hair fall out around the edges. I use products by Cornrows & Co because they are specifically formulated for people of color and they’re all natural. I also use Kinky Curly and Miss Jessie’s baby buttercreme.

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