A Vow to Live a Fashionable Life

It’s difficult for me to find the words to describe to you what it was like helping my mom bag up my stepfather’s life possessions; things he once held in high regard, are now being donated, given away, or thrown in the trash. I can’t put into words the emotions the ideal of death placed upon me, but I can say I felt like a trespasser, a person who had no right to look and rummage through his private things.  

Sometimes we place too high a value on things; when we really should focus on what matters the most like being a better person, a better wife, a better mother, a better lover, a better sister, a better neighbor, a better employee, or a better friend. Life should be lived as if it were golden and nothing should be taken for granted.

When my grandfather died three years ago, his expensive suits, watches, shoes, and jewelry were given to family members who had absolutely no appreciation for them. So, I guess you can say it was like throwing his things in the trash. I bought him a nice wallet back in the late eighties that was still in the box a few years ago. “What are you saving this for?” I asked. “For a special occasion,” he affectionately responded. The truth is, he had a lot of things he was waiting for a special occasion to use or wear. Why fork out thousands of dollars on suits and watches if you’re going to let them sit and collect dust? I don’t think he thought he was going to die before having a chance to wear those things because if he had, I’m sure he would have worn them at every opportunity.

When I saw Naomi Campbell strut her stuff in expensive, designer labels each day she reported to New York’s Sanitation Department I giggled because I saw a little of myself in her fashionable display. “I would totally do the same thing,” I thought to myself. Naomi instantly became my new fashion hero.

Naomi and my recent experience has given me a new outlook on life and fashion. I have some items that have been sitting in my closet for a little while now. All those things I have sitting in my closet that I’ve only worn once or twice; things I purchased only to attend an opera, ballet, or some other special event will be worn whenever I feel like it.

That’s right! Just call me Naomi Campbell #2 because on some days I will be doing the mundane in style. Can you imagine grocery shopping or attending a PTA meeting in this $1525 Roberto Cavalli Tunic dress?  I can!


After my recent experiences, I vow to live a golden life and do the things that make me happy. I’m going laugh out loud when I find something funny even when I’m around people who wouldn’t approve of such a display, I will speak my mind and tell strangers just how I feel about them attempting to put their nasty, filthy hands on my baby, I will not be afraid to dance in public even though I lack rhythm, I refuse to allow others to define me or place limits upon me, and most of all, I vow to live a fashionable life.  


4 Comments on “A Vow to Live a Fashionable Life”

  1. Shanesha says:

    What a heartfelt message. I was just thinking the same things today as well. We should really approach everyday as the best day of our lives because it really is the best day! We have all of our knowledge, experiences, lessons and blessings to bring to each and every day of our lives. Therefore, by utter default, everyday truly is the BEST day of our life and I vow, for myself, to live everyday that way from this point forward.

    I pray that all is well with you family. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything at all.

  2. Someone who values your opinions “Nicole” says:

    That is what you should do and you will do a damn good job.

  3. Marvina says:

    You have put into focus all that I have been thinking about in the last month. We do put a lot stress on things that are not really important. It is time for a change. Take care.

  4. It seems we’re all moving in the same direction. Are we truly living up to our full potential? Someone once said the grave is full of untapped potential. Let that not be said of us. We should live our best life everyday and not focus so much on things (material and emotional) that aren’t important.

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