I’ll Take Mine To Go Please


Baby Mademoiselle is 7 months old now, and she is one busy little bee, which comes at no surprise to me because while I was carrying her in my womb she moved constantly. It often freaked people out who caught a glimpse of something rumbling underneath my blouse (remember the movie, Aliens?), causing them to gasp as they watchedin horror and grabbed their stomachs. And yes, she also ticked off a couple of sonographers. All three had the same response to her frequent movement, “Wow, this kid is active.” One sonographer sucked her teeth in anger the whole time. The hubby and I laughed in silence.

During the ultrsound, Mademoiselle would be playing with her toes, sitting up, flipping, turning around, and balling her tiny hands into a fist. Though it was cute and adorable to watch, it took twice as long to capture images and measure her little limbs. I guess she was just letting us know what to expect when she finally made her debut. 

I thought something was wrong with Mademoiselle because she seems to always be in a rush to go some where even though she can’t crawl or walk yet. Well, she does roll where ever she wants to go and has a weird way of scooting. Let me see if I can give you a visual. It looks like she is laying sideways on a skateboard with one leg hanging off the side, pushing her from one point to another.  

OMG! Let’s not even talk about trying to change this chicks diaper. Mademoiselle just won’t stay still. She wants to turn over and dig through the pockets on her changing table, throw things on the floor, and play with the blinds. I’m using cloth diapers too, so I’m sure you can imagine what a task changing Mademoiselle’s diaper can be.

Mademoiselle can’t sit still. And now…


She seems to think she can have her milk to go and that’s a huge problem because I’m still NURSING! Mademoiselle actually tries to take off with my boob in her mouth, and this baby locks down like a pit bull. Do you know what all that tugging and pulling is doing to my breast? Can I just speak my mind for a moment? My nipples are so sore I feel like dunking them in an ice bath right about now. I’m cringing at the thought of Mademoiselle’s next feeding.

What really scares me is the fact that she won’t eat food. I had such high hopes when she ate a small portion of food at five months, but since then absolutely nothing. And did I tell you she’s allergic to eggs, dairy, and nuts. Yeah, my diet is pretty much vegan. I’ll save that story for another post. In spite of all of this, I’m determined to hang in there because I know that ultimately it’s the best thing for Mademoiselle.

Just don’t forget to send up a couple prayers for me before you go to bed at night.


5 Comments on “I’ll Take Mine To Go Please”

  1. Dee says:

    She’s a cutie. I’m nursing my two year old and I barely call *that* still nursing, hehe. For the nipple pain, you might want to try letting them air out and using a lanolin cream like Lansinoh. BTW, it’s not the pulling and tugging doing “damage” to the breast. The misconception is that nursing does some kind of damage to the breasts when really, it’s pregnancy where they change and grow. My 4 year old didn’t start eating solids regularly until she was almost a year old. As long as they’re growing and healthy, they’re fine. 🙂

  2. Yolanda says:

    What a beautiful girl 🙂 Ditto on everything Dee already said. My oldest wanted nothing to do with solids until almost a year as well but now he eats all day every day(seriously I can barely keep the boy fed!). Since she has allergies then breast is certainly best for her now anyways, she’s doing great the way she is.

  3. Thanks ladies! Dee, you’re a champion. I don’t plan to nurse Mlle beyond a year and a half. My nipples are definitely sore from the constant friction of her gums and teeth. The good thing is, she’s in the 95th percentile as far as weight and height goes so she is getting what she needs. I’m not trying to force the issue.

    Yolanda, I know it’s the best thing for her, but it’s difficult for me since I have to watch what I eat. I miss an occasional slice of 7up cake and nuts.

  4. kia says:

    wow!!! beautiful! look at those cheeks! such the testimony of a nursing mom! congrats! my nephew is about 6 mos and his pediatrician is urging my sister to feed him.

    i love the purple on the page.. purple is my color!

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