Hooter Hider


Okay, I just could not resist writing this post. A few weeks ago, I put Mademoiselle in her Bob jogger (best darn jogger as far as I’m concerned) so that I could get some much needed exercise and run a few local errands.

It’s about a 45 minute walk from my home to Trader Joe’s, but sometimes it takes much longer then that since I usually hit the spots in between (the cleaners, drugstore, Noah’s Bagel’s, Jamba Juice, post office, etc.). On my way back home, I stopped to pick up some additional large size cloth diapers and covers for Mlle.

While I was browsing around -waiting for the salesperson to bring up more diaper covers – I spotted a sign, displaying words that would cause anyone to let out a chuckle. My eyes quickly glossed over the words “Hooter Hiders“. I walked over for a closer look and that’s when I discovered they were gorgeous nursing covers by Bebe au Lait for the style conscious momma. “How cute is that?” I said out loud. “Got to get my hands on one of those,” I continued.

Whenever I’m nursing Mademoiselle, people always say to me, “Wow, how cute. They didn’t have things like that when my kids were young.” Well, thank goodness for the progression of all things voguish.    


5 Comments on “Hooter Hider”

  1. hooter hiders. such a genius concept. and it looks like a super easy DIY project!

  2. Yolanda says:

    A mom in my mom’s group was using a very cute one of those at a recent meeting. Amazing the things they come up with. I always nursed my babies in the sling (I used the nojo so it had plenty of extra cloth to loosen and wrap around) and definitely liked the convenience and privacy while still getting out and about.

  3. I never thought about making on myself, but now that you’ve mentioned it; it does look pretty easy.

    Yolanda, I can’t understand those moms who insist on nursing out in the open. It didn’t bother me until I saw a mom nursing her baby at my son’s elementary school while she waited for her child. I mean every child got a glimpse of her breast. Another mom told me she didn’t care who was around when she nursed and refused to cover up.

  4. Hi, I love reading about your hooting hider. I think every woman should get one who is expecting, if you could tell me how to make a hooter hider at home I would be very glad to know it.

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