The Great Spa Escape


In stressful times, some people turn to food and others turn to alcohol and I go to the spa. So during the chaotic time I was home in L.A. for my stepfather’s funeral, I took some time out to get a pedicure at Los Angeles’s premiere hand and food spa l.a. vie l’orange with Mademoiselle and my cousin Lorena.

After disposing and boxing up my stepfather’s belongings and dealing with his heartless niece’s, by any means necessary (including illegal), attempts to stake her claims to his property and money, the spa was a much needed escape for a few hours of laughter and relaxation.

Since I could not bare to leave Mademoiselle behind knowing that her attachment to me would make life for the hubby completely unbearable, I sent an email to Tina, the owner of vie l’orange, asking her if she would so kindly grant me permission to bring the little one. Immediately after Tina gave the green light, I followed her recommendation from my last visit and booked two Old Fashion pedicures, which included a yummy oatmeal mask.

Shortly after our arrival, I sat Mademoiselle on my lap as I soaked my feet in a very relaxing warm bath of milk and honey. And so for a few moments the world stopped; I was allowed to just be, not having the weight of the continent on my shoulders or the demands of life pounding on me. It was nothing but rest, relaxation, and pure fun.

Though Mademoiselle was with me, she behaved like an angel throughout my treatment. The other women were not discreet with the evil glances when they first caught sight of the pink and black Pliko stroller being pushed through the doors to a seemingly hidden oasis, a sanctuary of mental safety. But, I didn’t care because it was not the first time I had taken Mademoiselle O to a spa so I knew she was going to be a good girl and that she would have them eating out of the palms of her hands by the end of our evening of pampering.


Before we left, we purchased a couple bottles of l.a. vie l’orange’s Orange and Cucumber body lotion. I knew immediately why this lotion was on Oprah’s favorite things list the second I smelled it and tried a little on my hands. The lotion is not only a good moisturizer, but it’s also like putting on perfume because it contains the right amount of orange and cucumber oils. The two combined make a surprisingly delightful aroma. I love that! I slather it on after taking a shower before bedtime, and when I awake in the morning the smell still lingers as if I had just rubbed it on.


If you haven’t had a facial, massage, wrap, or pedicure, seize the moment now and plan your next great spa escape. Do it for your mental sanity. Trust me, you’ll be a lot happier if you do.

Where are the hot spa spots in your area?


11 Comments on “The Great Spa Escape”

  1. Shanessence says:

    I have no idea what the hot spots are in my area because I generally refrain from going to Spas in general due to my germaphobe issues. If you can suggest any places that you went to when you were out here, that would be spleeendid. :oD

  2. Nordstrom has a really good spa and it’s very clean. If you go to any reputable spa, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about germs. Although, I do take precautions. For example, when I use the showers I always take a pair of shower shoes with me. I don’t do mud baths or any treatments that requires me to get in a tub.

  3. jj says:

    i heard the 4 seasons was the bomb. cant tell you much about those prices tho.

    sound like a fantastic time. sorry to hear about your loss and the inevitable post-death snatch and grab drama that happens in every single family. 😦

    an a “kissamyassa” goes to the women giving you the evil eye. so glad to hear Mademoiselle was the angel she is. too sweet! 😀

  4. jj says:

    oh and you look muy cute. check out your shiny hair. love it!

  5. Girl stop, it’s a wig, but thanks anyway!

  6. lteefaw says:

    Since I don’t get my hair done I have plenty of fund to treat myself to some sort of spa treatment every month. I love The Nova Medical Spa in Dulles, VA for facials and salt scrubs. But mani and pedi Elizabeth Arden is great.

  7. kia says:

    that place looks heavenly…. you and the baby look just adorable!

    @lteefaw: thanks for the recs in our area!

  8. P says:

    T, I almost didnt recognize you! Wig or not, you are rocking it honey! And look at Mlle! She’s getting big! Adorable. And of COURSE she was an angel at the spa! She was taking mental notes b/c she knows she will be going for herself soon enough 😉 “Bad girls move in silence” …hahahaha!

    Ah, a spa day. How I so neeeed one of those…. Looks like you gals had a great time, and the pix are great.

  9. Yolanda says:

    You and the Mlle are looking quite fabulous! I’m all about spa time whenever I can fit it in. I have yet to track down a new spa here but its more than overdue. Especially since my birthday is quickly approaching. I’ll make sure to report wherever I do wind up going.

  10. Sonia says:

    The Body Shop is great in Beverly Hills…and it is black owned. They are located on Robertson Blvd.

  11. Do you mean the Paint Shop in Beverly Hills, Sonia? I’m aware that the owner is black her name is Julie. You wouldn’t know she was the owner because she acts as the receptionist. I go there too. Vie l’orange is also black owned. My friend is one of the owners.

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