Be Inspired by Beauty

I get a lot of comments and emails that address the price of items featured on this blog. Honestly, I tend not to be mindful of price when it comes to the aesthetically pleasing; it has never been in my nature to do so. I’m aware that we all come from a wide range of lifestyles and incomes, causing us to have different priorities and budgets; nevertheless, we have one common bond that brings us to this one place, and that is our passion and appreciation for stylish clothing, beauty products, and beautiful things in general. It is my sincere hope that you are inspired by the items posted within this blog. Moving forward, I will try to be cognizant of cost whenever possible. 

That said, June and July are very important months for most people. Some women are making plans to marry their prince charming and some are planning to witness the nuptials of a loved one, while others will celebrate another year of marital bliss. 

My friend, fellow blogger, and Ph.D candidate, Shanesha, falls into one of these categories. This summer, she will celebrate her first anniversary in Toronto with her husband Chibi, but not before having a photo shoot with a prominent photographer to record their special event. Looking for ideas on what to wear she emailed me, asking if I could help find a dress for the shoot and one she could wear to a wedding. How sweet! I must say it was pretty challenging trying to stay within a budget; however, I think I may have found something she can wear.  


During my search, I immediately fell in love with this 100% silk gown because I could imagine myself and the types of romantic photos I would take with my hubby to commemorate our fifteen years this June. 


I’m also loving this Laundry dress by Shelli Segal.

Here are some fairly inexpensive dresses, all under $100. 


Theory mini-dress on sale at Saks for $90.


 Kimono Sleeve dress at Macy’s for $49.


Cheap version of the Paltrow gown featured above, $82.


Weston Wear ‘Gabriella’ at Nordstrom for $43.


White House Black Market Sweetheart Dress, $99.


White House Black Market Irene Voile dress, $69.





4 Comments on “Be Inspired by Beauty”

  1. kia says:

    the gabriella dress from nordies is hawt!

  2. jj says:

    oh my! oh my!! mama’s gonna hafta hooka herself up for mommy’s day this weekend! I’m loving the Theory dress. Most of these are so complimentary to my body typel thnx!

  3. Shanessence says:

    Thanks so much, Traci! These are great finds, and I especially like that you chose dresses of different colors and styles. I like them all!

    I guess when it comes down to it, it seems that you have more devotion than I do when it comes to keeping your eye on a favorite piece until the price goes down. Usually when I like something, I want it to be in my budget from the get-go, or after a reasonable 20% off (or so) sale. Kudos to you for your devotion…that’s a quality my mom has, and she will fight for her fashion; just ask her how many fights she got into over clothing in various stores!

    Take care, Traci. Thanks so much for your fashionista expertise!

  4. And the price is right too, kia.

    JJ, I feel in love with the Theory dress as soon as I saw it. And with the right shoes… I love clothes that hang off the hips as opposed to clinging to them.

    No problem, Shanesha. My devotion comes out of my determination to wear designer duds without spending a ridiculous amount of money.

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