Six Things I Want for Baby Girl, Mademoiselle

Yesterday, Mademoiselle turned eight months. Wow, time passes by so fast. It seems like a day or two ago she was this helpless bundle of joy. Now, she is one busy little bee and loves to eat paper as if it was her last meal; can’t understand that one. It’s so adorable to see her cry and crawl after her brothers when they attempt to leave the room. The only one that doesn’t seem to be getting any love from Mademoiselle is daddy; poor thing. Nonetheless, he loves her with all his heart and melts whenever he sees her dressed up in cute little things. I must admit, I do too. That’s why she needs… 


these cute Trumpette Shaggie Infant Slippers and…


these tees to put everyone on notice that another fashionista is in the making…


yeah, yeah I know she’s too little but the flip-flops are so fabulous…

Lady O

and of course this ensemble is perfect for a little fun in the sun.


2 Comments on “Six Things I Want for Baby Girl, Mademoiselle”

  1. kia says:

    traci! you are gonna make me cry! i want a little girl. i love my baby boy.. but it’s all about the girls!!! .. (mainly for the clothes hahahaha!)

  2. Kia, I’m so happy I have a girl (even though she was a surprise) because I get to dress her up in some really cute clothes and take her shopping with me. It’s so much fun!

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