Swimming Pool In A Can


At 5:30 yesterday evening there was absolutely no relief from the scorching sun. Out of all the days, it had to be extremely hot on the day of my son’s 8th grade graduation that was held outdoors with absolutely no protection from the heat. Though there were some dedicated parents sitting directly in the sun’s unforgiving rays, others like myself, sought refuge under shaded areas to keep cool. Normally, I would have been sitting in the front row to cheer my son on; however, the heat was too much for me, Mademoiselle, and Monsieur G to bare. This chic $6.95 traditional Chinese parasol (a sunbrella) would have been the perfect fashionable alternative for sun protection, but unfortunately it was left behind as we scrambled to get to the graduation on time.

Although we were sitting in the shade, it was still hot. It felt more like we were in Arizona, Texas, or Alabama rather than California. As I searched through my diaper bag for my wallet so that I could purchase a bottle of water from the school’s vending machine, I remembered I had a can of  Splash Cool, a purified water atomizer or a swimming pool in a can, at my disposal to provide immediate relief from the summer heat. Voila! Instant hydration. I sprayed the fine mist on Mademoiselle and Monsieur G to quickly cool their little bodies and make them feel more comfortable while waiting for the ceremony to end. My kids were so happy over this little can and asked why I had been holding out.

Initally, when Splash Cool was sent to me I found no use for it. It reminded me of Evian’s version I used several years ago to set my makeup and create a dewy look after I applied a powder over my foundation. It was a great makeup tool that I no longer needed since I stopped wearing powder. However, I’m so glad I kept this little can in my diaper bag because I don’t know how long Mademoiselle would have been able to handle the heat without fussing.


One Comment on “Swimming Pool In A Can”

  1. Anna says:

    I LOVE Splash Cool…I use it for more than cooling off. It’s great for refreshing your skin but I also love to set my makeup with it. It doesn’t burn my eyes and makes my foundation and powder look like my natural skin.

    I carry it with me in my make-up bag and couldn’t do without it.

    Also, a year ago during the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, I was surrounded by lots of race onlookers who were sweating it out in the heat while cheering on their racers. I pulled out a BIG can of Splash Cool and spritzed myself. Some folks nearby saw me and asked if they could be spritzed. Of course, I shared and by the end of the race, we were all the coolest, happiest onlookers and I had a BIG, EMPTY can of Splash Cool…like I said, I LOVE Splash Cool!

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