The Truly Fabulous Can Now Go On A Picnic


Now, this is how a diva goes on a picnic or to the beach. 

Can I just tell you how excited I was when I stumbled across this super fabulous, stylish cooler a few months ago? I nearly lost my mind. Can you see why? How cute is that! This definitely isn’t your daddy’s cooler. Yes, it’s actually a cooler.

I waited impatiently for Puma to finally add Wander’s sophisticated outdoor lounge gear to their website and was elated when they finally did. His collection, including a matching tent, beach towels, and inflatable bed, is a great way to kick off the summer in style.



5 Comments on “The Truly Fabulous Can Now Go On A Picnic”

  1. Paula D. says:

    That is sooooo cute! At first glance I thought for sure that it was a small suitcase.

  2. Yolanda says:

    That is *beyond* cute! Wow

  3. I know, ladies. I’m so in love with this cooler.

  4. Leila says:

    Hey! I love the new look.

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