Fashion 108: For Women With A Heavy Bust line


Jill Scott’s latest song Hate on Me from her upcoming album The Real Thing is definitely a song of impowerment that will most likely become the new summer athem for many, including me. If you haven’t heard the song yet, click on the title and tell me what you think.

Today, I’m using Jill Scott to introduce a new segment on my blog, Fashion 108, a what to wear guide, inspired by my recent interview with Shawn of Dah Gurl. In this segment, you’ll find helpful tips and tricks to help you put your best foot forward.

I’m not really big on trends. I strongly believe in personal style. It’s all about what works well for your particular body type and the confidence you exude while you strut your stuff. A lot of people have a tendency to jump on the lastest in fashion band wagon without taking into consideration how the style fits their body. For example, not everyone can wear a jersey dress, the current trend, especially women with heavy breast because it makes them appear bigger than they actually are. Once you fully understand and embrace your body type, wear a good bra, and invest in control undergarments (if needed) I think you can look great no matter what size you wear.  

Though the pattern may be a little busy for Jill, I love this dress on her because it demonstrates what to and what not to wear if you’re heavy on top. The plunging neckline and cinched waist of Jill Scott’s dress is a great way to avoid looking heavier. Revealing too much cleavage will cause an individual to look tacky. Also, consider tops with broad necklines and stay clear of turtle necks and tight fitting shirts. You should also avoid wearing bold patterns like the one Jill is wearing, especially on top because it accentuates the bust line, causing it to appear larger.    

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4 Comments on “Fashion 108: For Women With A Heavy Bust line”

  1. johanna says:

    Lovin the new layout..its all summery!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Well, I’m a hugh Jill Scott fan. Whatever Jill puts on she knows how to wear the crap out of it. Because she is confident. Big or not and she does it with class.

  3. I agree with you, Nicole. Jill Scott epitomizes embracing your body type. I admire her for the confidence she carries.

  4. Quinnette says:

    As a HUGE chested singer and designer of full figured womens clothes myself, I embrace my big chest. There is NO need to try to cover it up or hide “the ladies” because no matter what I wear my breasts are HUGE. I have worked with jersey in the past because of the drape over my breasts and shows my hourglass figure. Jill Scott is the image that women of ALL sizes need to see because she exudes confidence no matter what she is wearing. If more fuller figure women did that it would lead to self acceptance of our bodies, no matter the shape. GOOD ON YA JILL!!!!!

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