Sleeping Beauty Returns


Wrap Teddy

Part two of my original postSleeping Beauty takes me right back to Kiki De Montparnasse, one of my favorite lines of lingerie, epitomizes feminine elegance and sophistication.

About Kiki:
Kiki De Montparnasse is a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand that celebrates intimacy and inspires the romantic imagination. Our lingerie and fashion collections appeal to a range of tastes, settings, and moods, from daring to darling. Beautiful and provocative, they can be worn inside the boudoir or flaunted in public, bringing a sense of excitement to both special occasions and the everyday. Our erotic wares encompass visionary design, modern materials and undeniable functionality, proving that glamour can permeate every aspect of life, even the most intimate.



Kiki de Montparnasse will ensconce you in luxury, woo your every sense, and remind you that few things are as profound as love and beauty. Once you have experienced it for yourself, you will know the transformative power of erotic license. Such freedom is intoxicating…and addictive. Because love is all there is (and love is enough).



Jersey Wrap topCrochet Bed Jacket & Shorts, Jersey Bodysuit 


2 Comments on “Sleeping Beauty Returns”

  1. Paula D. says:

    Thank you for putting me on to Miss Kiki!!!! This lingerie is sooo cute! I LOVE HOW FUN & FLIRTY IT IS

  2. Marvina says:

    Very cute. Love the wrap around.

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