The Return of the Diaper Bag Snob

Is it just me, or have you too been noticing a substantial number of pregant women and babies roaming around town? It seems I see a baby or an expectant mother every where I turn. So much so that if I didn’t know any better I would say someone was trying to tell me something, but thanks heavens I know this can’t be true. Please allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate all you moms-to-be.   

No doubt, having a bundle of joy is an exciting time for both new and veteran parents alike. Preparing for the new arrival can be equally rewarding with all the latest trends in stylish baby gear and adorable accessories now available. But be honest. We all love it when people gawk over our babies, which is why we dress them in cute clothes and buy the baby must-haves of the season, including diaper bags.

The Diaper Bag Snob returns with five eye catching diaper bags just for baby and the style maven:

The mother of all diaper bags is the Louis Vuitton Monogram leather bag.  


With the aid of the Diaper Dude, Dads across America can now feel manly when carting the baby around town. 

Need a bag that will allow you to carry your laptop and baby stuff? Caroline in snow patch comes with an insert exclusively designed for your computer.

I came so close to buying this Posh bag by Tori.

The refreshing colors of the Fleurville Three Way Diaper Bag is just in time for summer.



One Bag To Rule Them All


Yves Saint Laurent Anais Patent Leather Tote

I love being a fashionable girl, but when you are a busy mom or woman constantly on the go like I am a practical and hassle free handbag is a must. There are moments when I need to get some things completed within a limited amount of time; therefore, I can’t waste precious minutes dealing with cumbersome bags. I must be able to go from the car to my destination with ease.  

And when I have a ton of errands to run, the last thing I want to do is walk out of the house attempting to hold Mademoiselle in one arm while balancing everything but the kitchen sink in the other. I just need one handbag that is chic and will hold diapers plus a few other things a baby might require and my own items.

This handbag will be the ultimate bag, one that will rule over them all like the YSL bag pictured above. It’s perfect to go along with a pair of jeans for a casual sophisticated look. What’s so ideal about this bag is the fact that I don’t have to switch bags whenever I want to hang with the big girls later that evening. 


Another all-in-one bag is Sophia, an Italy calfskin leather diaper bag masquerading as aregular handbag by Alexandra Bee. It has enough pockets to organize even the most disorganized individual. You don’t have to be a mom to carry this bag, it is great for any woman who carries a lot of stuff.    

Hooter Hider


Okay, I just could not resist writing this post. A few weeks ago, I put Mademoiselle in her Bob jogger (best darn jogger as far as I’m concerned) so that I could get some much needed exercise and run a few local errands.

It’s about a 45 minute walk from my home to Trader Joe’s, but sometimes it takes much longer then that since I usually hit the spots in between (the cleaners, drugstore, Noah’s Bagel’s, Jamba Juice, post office, etc.). On my way back home, I stopped to pick up some additional large size cloth diapers and covers for Mlle.

While I was browsing around -waiting for the salesperson to bring up more diaper covers – I spotted a sign, displaying words that would cause anyone to let out a chuckle. My eyes quickly glossed over the words “Hooter Hiders“. I walked over for a closer look and that’s when I discovered they were gorgeous nursing covers by Bebe au Lait for the style conscious momma. “How cute is that?” I said out loud. “Got to get my hands on one of those,” I continued.

Whenever I’m nursing Mademoiselle, people always say to me, “Wow, how cute. They didn’t have things like that when my kids were young.” Well, thank goodness for the progression of all things voguish.    

Diaper Bag Divas

My DH thinks I’m a sucker for really cute things, and he is absolutely correct. I will stop dead in my tracks for something super cute and yell, “How cute is that!” I was in the process of writing a different post until I ran across these must-have baby accessories for the voguish mom or mom-to-be at Abella Boutique.


Funky diaper and wipe holder, $15.


For the extremely coordinated moms, there is the diaper, wipe, and cream holder with a matching changing pad, $38.


Oh my god, how cute is that! These little flower hats are so adorable, $20.


Pink camouflage diaper bag, $60.


I think this is the most pretty baby sling I’ve seen, and it is very functional with a zip closed pocket for keys, money, phones, or whatever. Zoe loves pink is the perfect name for this sling, $89. I wish I had found this one before I purchased the Moby wrap.


What a cute way to discipline your little one with this “time out mat” $22.


Handpainted jungle table and chairs ($78 per chair & $124 for the table).


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Peace, Love, & Happiness

heart.jpgpeace.jpgsmiley.jpgWhen I found these darling diaper bags at Barney’s, the vibrant colors and cute designs made me wish I had found these before I purchased my current diaper bag. I would have seriously considered purchasing one of these lovely bags, since they express the very essence of my baby girl’s personality. Peace, love, and happiness are the themes for this colorful collection, designed specifically for stroller handles. Although the straps adjust to fit any type of stroller, they can also be worn over the shoulder. Each bag comes with a changing pad and several pockets, including one for your cell phone. The cost per bag is $95.

Diaper Bag Snob

diaper-bag.jpgEver look down to take a good look at your current diaper bag and realize that it has either faded from washing, or that a few strands have come unraveled? Or, perhaps you’ve seen yourself coming a million times over. Do you know what I’m talking about? Yes, the blood wrenching sight of seeing another chic mom carrying the same diaper bag. Well, I owe my sister, Tiffany, a huge “thank you” for not purchasing the original diaper bag of my dreams. Her procrastination saved me from a potential crisis. I immediately fell out of love with the Petunia Pickle Bottom bag after I saw another mom with it strapped onto her back as she walked the isles of Costco. This sighting resulted in a mad search for another unique bag, which led me to the Diaper Diva. I have to admit, I passed this bag several times before deciding to purchase it, but now I absolutely love it. It has pockets for everything, including keys, sunglasses, and a cell phone. What I like most about the bag is the fact that the outside is plastic, making it easy to keep clean. I found the diva bag at Due Maternity.