Sleeping Beauty Returns


Wrap Teddy

Part two of my original postSleeping Beauty takes me right back to Kiki De Montparnasse, one of my favorite lines of lingerie, epitomizes feminine elegance and sophistication.

About Kiki:
Kiki De Montparnasse is a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand that celebrates intimacy and inspires the romantic imagination. Our lingerie and fashion collections appeal to a range of tastes, settings, and moods, from daring to darling. Beautiful and provocative, they can be worn inside the boudoir or flaunted in public, bringing a sense of excitement to both special occasions and the everyday. Our erotic wares encompass visionary design, modern materials and undeniable functionality, proving that glamour can permeate every aspect of life, even the most intimate.



Kiki de Montparnasse will ensconce you in luxury, woo your every sense, and remind you that few things are as profound as love and beauty. Once you have experienced it for yourself, you will know the transformative power of erotic license. Such freedom is intoxicating…and addictive. Because love is all there is (and love is enough).



Jersey Wrap topCrochet Bed Jacket & Shorts, Jersey Bodysuit 


Cavalli Comes To H&M


Roberto Cavalli Chiffon Zebra Top

“Unbelievable,” I said to myself as read on the Nothin’ But Fashion blog that Roberto Cavalli was teaming up with H&M to design a men’s and women’s collection beginning November 8th. So, I quickly logged on to my old email account where I discovered an email that had been sent to me earlier, confirming this glorious event soon to take place. I’m still trying to catch my breath. This is great news for only some style mavens because the line will only be available in 200 stores. Be sure to mark your calendars.


Cavalli Cotton Tunic 

The Funk Masters: For The Urban Chic and Edgy Fashionista


This post is dedicated to everyone who likes to have a little fun with their wardrobe by adding some funk to it. The urban chic and edgy fashionista is the master of funk and knows how to put together an outfit without looking raunchy. They also know how to push fashion to the edge without going over board. I’m sure some of them won’t mind living in Luxirie, a street wear clothing line for women from all ages, ethinicities, and walks of life designed by LRG launched in 2006.

Luxirie, a Labour of Love, [is] a sexy yet classy contemporary line for the Urban and Hip-Hop divas looking to get into the new ‘urban boutique’ style that’s already become a big trend with males. 

Got Ample Hips and Butt? Premium Denims Just For You

Mademoiselle and I stood at the door of Nordstrom’s dressing room unpatiently waiting for a salesperson to kindly bid us permission to enter. Since I had to get back across the bridge by 2:30 to pick the boys up from school, I had a limited amount of time available to: pick up another bottle of Armani’s foundation and Dior’s latest mascara at Saks, some Anise Day and Night Serum from the new Fresh store, pick up a couple things for Mademoiselle at Macy’s, go to Neiman Marcus just because, eat, and cruise through the new Bloomingdale’s.

A few seconds later, a bubbly salesperson led me to a huge room that would accomodate a stroller and plenty of space for me sashay shauntay in the two sale items I planned to try on, which included a Trovato jacket (originally priced at $336, on sale for $89) and a shirt by China Wall Ink (regular price $132, but was on sale for $35). Needless to say, I was pretty excited about my finds and had no intentions on buying anything else, especially if it wasn’t on sale.

“What size are you on the bottom?” she asked. She must have seen the big sucker sign on my forehead. “It depends on the brand,” I replied. I was in big time denial when I said, “A four or a six.” Knowing that since after giving birth to Mademoiselle, my hips were measuring at about a 38 or 39 at best and lets not mention the ba-donk-a-donk following behind me, so there was no way I could fit a four. “You take a small on the top?” “Yes,” I accurately replied. She then told me she would bring some cute things in for me to try.

Okay, I’m on a budget. I have so many obligations at the moment including gift for the boys. My eldest son is graduating from 8th grade and the middle boy is leaving going to the third grade, and every year we buy them a really nice gift to celebrate their successful move to the next grade. So, I didn’t want to see anything else besides the items I selected. But then…

This chick brings in several pairs of really cute premium denims, an adorable $400 jersey dress, a I-can’t-live-without it James Perse shirt, a Marc Jacobs and Joie shirt, and a pair of hot red patent leather Stuart Weitzman pumps among other things. Why? “You have to see the complete outfit,” is was the young lad told me. She was good!

Her persistence caused me to spend way too much time in Nordstorm, but I can’t say I was mad because I discovered a couple pair of denims that look fabulous on my current body type; big hips and a big butt. I’m loving the way these fit, feel, and look:

The People’s Liberation denims pictured above fit unbelievably. My only problem are the pockets. Women with an ample rear end should avoid them since they make the butt appear slightly bigger.

After I tried a pair of Taverniti (perfect for those with a slight hip and wide waist), I slipped on a pair of Aristocrats and immediately fell in love with the way the jeans fit perfectly in all the right places. These are my new favorites along with this pair:

And when William Rast tells you, “Nobody makes you look better than William Rast.” Believe him! I love denims that play down my hips and butt while at the same time, making my body look flattering.

*I apologize for the quick, non-descriptive post filled with typos, but I have a lot things I need to get done today.

Fashion for Women on the Go


Siliva Sand by Naketano

Yesterday morning I sat at the computer, staring out of the window for two hours. I hate it when that happens because I always seem to fail at getting things accomplished for the rest of the day. The whole time I was trying to decide if I should return books to the library or renew them online, take Mademoiselle for a walk, or stay home to tidy up a bit.  

At noon, I figured I might as well go for a walk with Mademoiselle and run a few quick errands before picking the boys up from school. While Mademoiselle slept, I rummaged through my closet looking for something comfortable, yet cute and stylish to wear given the vow I made back in April to live a fashionable life. Though I managed to pull together a chic relaxed outfit that included an adorable hat from Kitson (no, you don’t have to be a celebrity to shop there) and a pair of pink and grey Puma shoes, I realized that I don’t have enough fashionable casual wear for those times when I need to run a ton of errands. You know… comfortable, functional clothes I can throw on and still look as if I belong on the cover of Instyle magazine.  

Here some comfortable clothing for moms, students, and busy women on the go:


Ewe Grey Melange Pink by Naketano


Pink Rose Hoodie by Raw 7


White Terry Pullover by Alice & Olivia


Cargo Pants on sale at Anthropologie


Complete Look at Lucky Brand






The Charmed Ones


The old adage, “There’s nothing new under the sun” definitely holds true for the latest fashion trend, charms. Charms have been around since the age of Egyptian Pharaohs, who wore them around their necks and wrist not only for protection, but also as a symbol of status. Charms also served a practical purpose for Christians, Jewish scholars, knights, and kings. They were worn to represent family lineage, profession, political standing, and used to gain access into secret meetings. As the centuries forged ahead, though charms became synonymous with the wealthy and well-educated, they eventually lost their magical lure for the upper classes, but were widely worn by members of the lower classes. It wasn’t until the 20th century that charms were worn as fashionable pieces of jewelry. People wore lockets, family crests, replicas of popular local items dangling from bracelets and necklaces. 


Today, charms are once again popular for both the upper and lower classes, and can be seen hanging not only from bracelets and necklaces, but cell phones and purses. For some, charms may carry a significant meaning and for others it’s all about the cute factor.


Nanora asked me what the deal was with charms, at the time I told her I didn’t know why they were so popular, but I knew I wanted one of Aaron Basha’s charms. I fell in love with Basha’s charms about a year and a half ago. I was drawn by the craftsmanship, delicate designs, and of course, the diamonds. I just think they are the most adorable charms I’ve seen around. While I can’t see myself forking out $1800 – $4600 for one of these beauties, I love admiring them as an exquisite piece of art.     


Five Things I Want Now

I’m ready to ditch the black for a much lighter wardrobe. I really admire this soft, ultra feminine ruffled bomber by D&G. 


I don’t know what it’s like in your neck of the woods, but it is hot out here on the west coast. This Juicy tube dress is just what I need to stay cool and oh so fashiolicious.


Whenever my autograph is required, I quickly pull out Crystal studded pen. I get a ton of compliments when I do, and everyone wants to know where on earth I found such a pen. I fell in love with my current pen, a shimmering Swarovski green, but retailers know how to keep you coming back for more. I definitely want one of these colorful cuties now.    


I’m looking forward to the day when I can once again enroll into a Bikram yoga class. I’m looking forward to perfecting my tree pose and attending class in style with these cute accessories.


I’m so ready to create my own outdoor sanctuary where I can dine, sit quietly, and read a book while sipping on a cold glass of Italian soda with cream.