The Charmed Ones


The old adage, “There’s nothing new under the sun” definitely holds true for the latest fashion trend, charms. Charms have been around since the age of Egyptian Pharaohs, who wore them around their necks and wrist not only for protection, but also as a symbol of status. Charms also served a practical purpose for Christians, Jewish scholars, knights, and kings. They were worn to represent family lineage, profession, political standing, and used to gain access into secret meetings. As the centuries forged ahead, though charms became synonymous with the wealthy and well-educated, they eventually lost their magical lure for the upper classes, but were widely worn by members of the lower classes. It wasn’t until the 20th century that charms were worn as fashionable pieces of jewelry. People wore lockets, family crests, replicas of popular local items dangling from bracelets and necklaces. 


Today, charms are once again popular for both the upper and lower classes, and can be seen hanging not only from bracelets and necklaces, but cell phones and purses. For some, charms may carry a significant meaning and for others it’s all about the cute factor.


Nanora asked me what the deal was with charms, at the time I told her I didn’t know why they were so popular, but I knew I wanted one of Aaron Basha’s charms. I fell in love with Basha’s charms about a year and a half ago. I was drawn by the craftsmanship, delicate designs, and of course, the diamonds. I just think they are the most adorable charms I’ve seen around. While I can’t see myself forking out $1800 – $4600 for one of these beauties, I love admiring them as an exquisite piece of art.     



Five Things I Want Now


Several years ago, I discovered and fell in love with the most adorable handbags made from old cigar boxes. At one point, I thought about making a bag of my own because I could never find one that I couldn’t live without until now. When I saw this bag with a vintage postcard of Dorothy Dandridge I almost fell out of my seat with excitement. It literally brought tears to my eyes. Now, you know I must get my hands on this bag.


I’m ready to try Armani’s Hydra-glow foundation, especially since we are right on the heels of summer. I need a light weight, moisturizing foundation with an SPF-15 that will make my skin radiant and soft.


A few years back, I stumbled across Tres Jolie (French for ‘very pretty’) while searching for a unique gift for a friend. The owner, Glenda Lugay from the Caribbean island of  St. Maarten, has exquisite taste when it comes to accessories. She has some of the most unique pieces of jewelry you’ll find in Los Angeles. If you want jewelry that will spark a conversation or an exclusive gift for someone special, then I recommend you visit Tres Jolie. I can definitely see myself wearing this Trisha Laurel bracelet.


Loving this dress by Max Studio. I remember when this was the first place I’d go whenever I went shopping, and I went crazy after I discovered the outlet store.


And, of course, I want a pair of these Jimmy Choo sandals.

The Fashionable Germaphob


Growing up, I was free as a bird. It was not uncommon to find me hanging from a tree, sitting in the grass, or walking down the street barefooted. I even looked through our kitchen trash can to find things I could magically turn into a work of art.

When my mother was pregnant with my sister she had a craving for dirt, so there I was in the middle of the night digging up dirt for my mother without giving what I was doing a second thought. I touched door handles, wore shorts to the movies, ate at buffets, and wore shoes in the house. The truth is, I did a lot of things unconsciously that definitely increased my chances of coming in contact with some type of germ. 

But something strange happened after I got married (yay, 15 years of marital bliss) and had my first child thirteen years ago. The more I read or listened to the news about some kind of germ, the more I started over analyzing my environment. I stopped touching public doors and elevator buttons without something to protect my skin; I did and continue to spend several minutes in a public restroom lining the toilets with at least six toilet seat covers and several strips of toilet paper before sitting my little one on it. I even went as far as spraying it down with Lysol before proceeding with my toilet wrapping ritual.

It eventually spilled over to my son, who at two would not use a public restroom if it was dirty. He would literally kick and scream if I attempted to walk him through the doors. He would hold it until we found a clean restroom. Would you believe this kid never wet his pants? The hubby says, “You’re making our kids crazy.” What does he know!?

I cringe whenever someone tells me they’re coming to visit my home because the only thing I can think about is them sitting my sofa. You see in my mind I’m thinking this person probably went to the movies, sat down in those fecal matter filled seats before getting in their car, and you know I’m thinking those germs are going to be transported to my sofa then tracked all through the house. And let’s not talk about their belonging sitting on my floor.  

In fact, no one in my household sits on the sofa with their outside clothes on. As soon as we come home from an outing, we (the hubby, Monsieur D, Monsieur G, and even Mademoiselle) immediately change into our inside clothes. Before company arrives I usually drape blankets and sheets over the sofa. We don’t wear shoes in the house, and everyone is to quickly wash their hands. I rarely go to the movies. I’d rather wait for the video, but if I do go you can rest assure I’m protecting my body. I can’t even sit comfortably for fear I will touch the seat. By the end of the movie, my back is killing me.

This is nothing compared to how I used to be. At one time, I could not shake another persons had without silently freaking out. Though I’ve made some drastic changes, I’m still a germaphob and will continue doing the above (plus some other things) along with spraying the shopping cart with Lysol before using some additional protection for Mademoiselle like this adorable shopping cart cover by Snazzy Baby.


And of course, I and my cousin Lorena, who is a germaphob to the tenth power (yes, she’s worse than I am), can’t put our purses on the floor in a restaurant. Thanks to Luxe Link  for creating a chic device to keep your purse off the icky ground, and kick your fabulocity factor up a notch!




Flower Child

I can’t tell you how or where I first discovered Tres Jolie; however, I can tell you that Glenda, the owner, sells some of the most unique, high quality jewelry and accessories in the Los Angeles area. You’ll be able to find pieces to accentuate, awaken, and revive your wardrobe. 

flower-bracelet.jpgflower-rings.jpgIf you’re like me, then you’re trying to live life like it’s golden and the items you wear express the very essence of who you are. This collection of rings is for the flower child in you. The price for one of these cuties range from $45 to $120, depending on the type of stone. The sterling silver bracelet with rose quartz semi-precious stone flower sells for $65.