One Bag To Rule Them All


Yves Saint Laurent Anais Patent Leather Tote

I love being a fashionable girl, but when you are a busy mom or woman constantly on the go like I am a practical and hassle free handbag is a must. There are moments when I need to get some things completed within a limited amount of time; therefore, I can’t waste precious minutes dealing with cumbersome bags. I must be able to go from the car to my destination with ease.  

And when I have a ton of errands to run, the last thing I want to do is walk out of the house attempting to hold Mademoiselle in one arm while balancing everything but the kitchen sink in the other. I just need one handbag that is chic and will hold diapers plus a few other things a baby might require and my own items.

This handbag will be the ultimate bag, one that will rule over them all like the YSL bag pictured above. It’s perfect to go along with a pair of jeans for a casual sophisticated look. What’s so ideal about this bag is the fact that I don’t have to switch bags whenever I want to hang with the big girls later that evening. 


Another all-in-one bag is Sophia, an Italy calfskin leather diaper bag masquerading as aregular handbag by Alexandra Bee. It has enough pockets to organize even the most disorganized individual. You don’t have to be a mom to carry this bag, it is great for any woman who carries a lot of stuff.    


A Girl’s Guide To Voguish Travel

If everything goes smoothly, my son will be going to Costa Rica this summer with his school. I had been racking my brain, trying so hard to figure out how I could possibly attend as a chaperone given that Mademoiselle will only be nine months old. But, reality settled in, and I have come to terms with not being able to see such a beautiful country. So, my passport will continue to collect dust.

For those of you who do have plans to travel some where in the near future or this summer, here are a few things you must have to guarantee you will arrive in vogue.  


These are my favorite. Carry on Suiter


Terrida Effetto Duffel


Terrida Effetto Trolley

Now that you have your luggage, you must not forget these essential travel accessories.


Personalized Crocodile Luggage Tags


Croc Travel wallet to hold your tickets, boarding pass, passport and other documents.


You can’t forget a travel shawl for that chilly plane ride.


Of course, you’ll need some personalized shoe and bikini bags and travel candles.

Have a great trip, and don’t forget to send me a postcard.

I Heart Be & D

Growing up, I was queen of the big handbags. I absolutely adored them, even though I never carried much in them. During my teenage years, my bag played an important role in my act of mischief on Sunday mornings because it was the perfect size to smuggle magazines in church. The way I used big handbags shifted gradually as the years rolled on. They became a fashionable way of toting books to school and my son around the house when he was five months old. As a teen, when I worked in the mall for Contempo Casuals, I was always buying bags. I even made a botched attempt to create my own. Though I never carried it in public, it hung in my closet, serving as a holder for my personal items. Of course, my obsession grew to include unique and cute bags of all shapes and sizes. I guess you can say I was a purse addict, and to a certain extent I still am.

The handbag has made some pretty dramatic changes over the centuries, and so has the way we use them. They’ve evolved into a chic accessory, and we all know that a really good stylish handbag is an absolute necessity; one that has the ability to add a little flavor to whatever you’re wearing.

When husband and wife team, Be Inthavong and Steve Dumain, the creative force behind Be & D luxury handbags, introduced their studded Garbo bag in 2005 I was instantly hooked, and have been a fan ever since. I absolutely love the unique style of Be & D

Oh how I long for the new Be & D Crawford Hobo bag.


Whenever I want my handbag to be the center of attention, I usually wear all black in order to make the bag really stand out.  So, it will look something like this:



Cute! Cute! Cute!

The Stylish Organizer

When I worked in the corporate world, I was considered a pretty organized individual, but something strange happened a year or two after I quit: I seem to have lost those skills. It’s an interesting phenomenon. My husband swears I have no concept of time and insists I buy a watch. I think my lack of time management may be a contributing factor to my non-organizational abilities. I can’t explain it!

Are you one of those people who can painstakingly look through clothes on a sales rack? Not me, I can’t stand the fact that the clothes aren’t organized into proper categories. Seriously, I become overwhelmed by the whole experience and will pass up the extra savings because it. My cousin, Lorena, is the same way minus the lack of organizational skills. What do you make of this? Humph! It’s bizarre! You would think that I would thrive in this type of environment, but the truth is I’m really not at ease with the disorganization I face on day to day basis in my home either.  

Everyday, I swear that I’m going to become more organized, especially when I look in my pantry, linen closet, make-up drawer, or that growing pile of papers on my desk; the idea of tackling that mess alone dumbfounds me. So…I must take baby steps to accomplish this goal, but…don’t hold your breath.


In the meantime, let me share a tip with all of you who seem to transport your entire life in a bag and the paper and file carrying working girls. The Aubrey bag, a cross between a tote bag and a file box, is the perfect tool to help you look like a fashionably, organized individual.These lovely bags come in a matte white or glossy black and your choice of four leather handles. These are so adorable, and are available at Russell and Hazel, $48 for the expandable five file tote and $60 for the eight file. It’s so fashiolicious!