Cocoon Yourself: Vince’s Fall Collection Preview


Vince Alpaca Cocoon Shrug and Funnel Neck Tee with Ponte Ski Leggings

It wasn’t a typical Monday morning; I didn’t have to take the kids to school and I was worn out from my youngest son’s lacrosse jamboree on Saturday and practice on Sunday. And so, yesterday I stayed in bed with a bright eyed Mademoiselle, feeling rather uninspired to write anything of interest for you.

Once I finally dragged my exhausted body downstairs, I quickly glossed over the many messages in my inbox, looking for anything that may require my immediate attention. In the mist of several emails from different parents trying to determine when and where the lacrosse end of the year party will be there was one that stood out most. The name of the sender quickly awakened my drowsy spirit, arousing the inspiration needed to create this post. It was from Saks Fifth Avenue, announcing the Vince fall ’07 collection. Yes, I know.

As if Nordstrom’s upcoming half-yearly women and children’s sale (June 6) wasn’t enough indication that it’s time to start thinking about your fall wardrobe and preparing your look book. The cycle is starting all over again, and you haven’t even had a chance to fully absorb the latest trends and haute colors that spring has to offer or release those beautiful butterfly wings for summer yet. This is actually a good sign because of the summer sales that will take place starting next month to make room for those gorgeous fall duds.  

Introducing Vince

Just as the cocoon serves as a protective layer for a caterpillar through the pupa stage, Vince has designed the most chic pieces for fall that will keep you protected from the cruel, harsh elements of winter in style. Each piece is designed to be worn alone or coupled together to create a layered look that will keep you fashionably warm.


Ponte Jumper with Funnel Neck Tee


Cocoon Puff Jacket and Funnel Neck Tee


Cashmere Alpaca Sweater with the same tee featured in previous photos.


Cashmere Souffle Sweater with Ballet Tee


Ponte Shift Dress


Lantern Sleeve Dress with Tailored Dress Shirt


Washed Leather Car Coat