Fashion 108: For Women With A Heavy Bust line


Jill Scott’s latest song Hate on Me from her upcoming album The Real Thing is definitely a song of impowerment that will most likely become the new summer athem for many, including me. If you haven’t heard the song yet, click on the title and tell me what you think.

Today, I’m using Jill Scott to introduce a new segment on my blog, Fashion 108, a what to wear guide, inspired by my recent interview with Shawn of Dah Gurl. In this segment, you’ll find helpful tips and tricks to help you put your best foot forward.

I’m not really big on trends. I strongly believe in personal style. It’s all about what works well for your particular body type and the confidence you exude while you strut your stuff. A lot of people have a tendency to jump on the lastest in fashion band wagon without taking into consideration how the style fits their body. For example, not everyone can wear a jersey dress, the current trend, especially women with heavy breast because it makes them appear bigger than they actually are. Once you fully understand and embrace your body type, wear a good bra, and invest in control undergarments (if needed) I think you can look great no matter what size you wear.  

Though the pattern may be a little busy for Jill, I love this dress on her because it demonstrates what to and what not to wear if you’re heavy on top. The plunging neckline and cinched waist of Jill Scott’s dress is a great way to avoid looking heavier. Revealing too much cleavage will cause an individual to look tacky. Also, consider tops with broad necklines and stay clear of turtle necks and tight fitting shirts. You should also avoid wearing bold patterns like the one Jill is wearing, especially on top because it accentuates the bust line, causing it to appear larger.    

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The Truly Fabulous Can Now Go On A Picnic


Now, this is how a diva goes on a picnic or to the beach. 

Can I just tell you how excited I was when I stumbled across this super fabulous, stylish cooler a few months ago? I nearly lost my mind. Can you see why? How cute is that! This definitely isn’t your daddy’s cooler. Yes, it’s actually a cooler.

I waited impatiently for Puma to finally add Wander’s sophisticated outdoor lounge gear to their website and was elated when they finally did. His collection, including a matching tent, beach towels, and inflatable bed, is a great way to kick off the summer in style.


Swimming Pool In A Can


At 5:30 yesterday evening there was absolutely no relief from the scorching sun. Out of all the days, it had to be extremely hot on the day of my son’s 8th grade graduation that was held outdoors with absolutely no protection from the heat. Though there were some dedicated parents sitting directly in the sun’s unforgiving rays, others like myself, sought refuge under shaded areas to keep cool. Normally, I would have been sitting in the front row to cheer my son on; however, the heat was too much for me, Mademoiselle, and Monsieur G to bare. This chic $6.95 traditional Chinese parasol (a sunbrella) would have been the perfect fashionable alternative for sun protection, but unfortunately it was left behind as we scrambled to get to the graduation on time.

Although we were sitting in the shade, it was still hot. It felt more like we were in Arizona, Texas, or Alabama rather than California. As I searched through my diaper bag for my wallet so that I could purchase a bottle of water from the school’s vending machine, I remembered I had a can of  Splash Cool, a purified water atomizer or a swimming pool in a can, at my disposal to provide immediate relief from the summer heat. Voila! Instant hydration. I sprayed the fine mist on Mademoiselle and Monsieur G to quickly cool their little bodies and make them feel more comfortable while waiting for the ceremony to end. My kids were so happy over this little can and asked why I had been holding out.

Initally, when Splash Cool was sent to me I found no use for it. It reminded me of Evian’s version I used several years ago to set my makeup and create a dewy look after I applied a powder over my foundation. It was a great makeup tool that I no longer needed since I stopped wearing powder. However, I’m so glad I kept this little can in my diaper bag because I don’t know how long Mademoiselle would have been able to handle the heat without fussing.

A White Hot Smile


When meeting me for the first time, people usually comment about the whiteness of my teeth. Since having a bright, healthy smile is extremely important, taking care of my teeth is a number one priority. Not having a white hot smile can potentially kill one’s appearance regardless of how fabulously dressed they might be.

Like most people, I tried several different products from the local drugstore hoping to find the one whitening system that would transform my chops into a set of beautiful pearly whites. Unfortunately, none of them worked as well as I wanted them to. And so, I turned to my dentist for help. When I inquired about having my teeth whitened his response not only surprised me, but also saved me a few hundred dollars.

Dr. Escalante recommended Crest’s Professional Strength Whitening System, a system 80% more effective than the regular over-the-counter systems. He told me I could achieve the same results with the Crest strips as I would if I had my teeth whitened by him. Whoo-hoo! Saved me some money!

Let me reiterate, Crest’s Professional Strength Whitening System can only be purchased at a dental office and costs around $50 or $60. And…it actually works.

Finally, a white hot smile at a reasonable price. 

Almost Famous

I’m so elated that I have been asked to be a special guest on Chocolate Chats tonight hosted by Dah Gurl. Please read below for details, and don’t worry if you are unable to tune tonight because you can always catch previous episodes by logging onto Dah Gurl. I hope you’ll tune in. If you are on the West Coast, the show starts at 6.

Are you ready to be fine, fit and fabulous this summer?

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You all are invited to speak your mind on tonight’s episode of Chocolate Chats , brought to you by and Talk Shoe, an interactive podcasting host site.

How many times have you watched Oprah or The View and wanted to make a comment to the host or to the guest? I know…tons of times.

Then Chocolate Chats is perfect for you.

Are you having trouble joining in? Not really sure what to expect? Then check out my post at Dahgurl outlining the details on how to get involved in the show.

Today, Tuesday June 12 at 9:00 p.m., we are talking about the do’s and dont’s of summer fashion and discussing topics like body image and self esteem. Our special guest this week is The Fashionista and she is going to be letting us know what we need to flaunt and what we need to send to the Goodwill. Handbags, sundresses, the right jeans for the right rump…hmmmph, you don’t want to miss it.

Don’t miss out on all of the fun!

Listen to previous episodes and join us from the comfort of your home or from your laptop in the library. Don’t forget a cup o’ joe and some chocolate…because chocolate ALWAYS makes life taste better. Chat with you all tonight!

Got Ample Hips and Butt? Premium Denims Just For You

Mademoiselle and I stood at the door of Nordstrom’s dressing room unpatiently waiting for a salesperson to kindly bid us permission to enter. Since I had to get back across the bridge by 2:30 to pick the boys up from school, I had a limited amount of time available to: pick up another bottle of Armani’s foundation and Dior’s latest mascara at Saks, some Anise Day and Night Serum from the new Fresh store, pick up a couple things for Mademoiselle at Macy’s, go to Neiman Marcus just because, eat, and cruise through the new Bloomingdale’s.

A few seconds later, a bubbly salesperson led me to a huge room that would accomodate a stroller and plenty of space for me sashay shauntay in the two sale items I planned to try on, which included a Trovato jacket (originally priced at $336, on sale for $89) and a shirt by China Wall Ink (regular price $132, but was on sale for $35). Needless to say, I was pretty excited about my finds and had no intentions on buying anything else, especially if it wasn’t on sale.

“What size are you on the bottom?” she asked. She must have seen the big sucker sign on my forehead. “It depends on the brand,” I replied. I was in big time denial when I said, “A four or a six.” Knowing that since after giving birth to Mademoiselle, my hips were measuring at about a 38 or 39 at best and lets not mention the ba-donk-a-donk following behind me, so there was no way I could fit a four. “You take a small on the top?” “Yes,” I accurately replied. She then told me she would bring some cute things in for me to try.

Okay, I’m on a budget. I have so many obligations at the moment including gift for the boys. My eldest son is graduating from 8th grade and the middle boy is leaving going to the third grade, and every year we buy them a really nice gift to celebrate their successful move to the next grade. So, I didn’t want to see anything else besides the items I selected. But then…

This chick brings in several pairs of really cute premium denims, an adorable $400 jersey dress, a I-can’t-live-without it James Perse shirt, a Marc Jacobs and Joie shirt, and a pair of hot red patent leather Stuart Weitzman pumps among other things. Why? “You have to see the complete outfit,” is was the young lad told me. She was good!

Her persistence caused me to spend way too much time in Nordstorm, but I can’t say I was mad because I discovered a couple pair of denims that look fabulous on my current body type; big hips and a big butt. I’m loving the way these fit, feel, and look:

The People’s Liberation denims pictured above fit unbelievably. My only problem are the pockets. Women with an ample rear end should avoid them since they make the butt appear slightly bigger.

After I tried a pair of Taverniti (perfect for those with a slight hip and wide waist), I slipped on a pair of Aristocrats and immediately fell in love with the way the jeans fit perfectly in all the right places. These are my new favorites along with this pair:

And when William Rast tells you, “Nobody makes you look better than William Rast.” Believe him! I love denims that play down my hips and butt while at the same time, making my body look flattering.

*I apologize for the quick, non-descriptive post filled with typos, but I have a lot things I need to get done today.

The Return of the Diaper Bag Snob

Is it just me, or have you too been noticing a substantial number of pregant women and babies roaming around town? It seems I see a baby or an expectant mother every where I turn. So much so that if I didn’t know any better I would say someone was trying to tell me something, but thanks heavens I know this can’t be true. Please allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate all you moms-to-be.   

No doubt, having a bundle of joy is an exciting time for both new and veteran parents alike. Preparing for the new arrival can be equally rewarding with all the latest trends in stylish baby gear and adorable accessories now available. But be honest. We all love it when people gawk over our babies, which is why we dress them in cute clothes and buy the baby must-haves of the season, including diaper bags.

The Diaper Bag Snob returns with five eye catching diaper bags just for baby and the style maven:

The mother of all diaper bags is the Louis Vuitton Monogram leather bag.  


With the aid of the Diaper Dude, Dads across America can now feel manly when carting the baby around town. 

Need a bag that will allow you to carry your laptop and baby stuff? Caroline in snow patch comes with an insert exclusively designed for your computer.

I came so close to buying this Posh bag by Tori.

The refreshing colors of the Fleurville Three Way Diaper Bag is just in time for summer.