Matters Of The Heart & The Art Snob


I love the artwork of internationally known, Debbie Marie Arambula. Mainly, because of the beautiful way love is conveyed. Debbie is an artist with no formal training who began painting twelve years ago. She is known for her buoyant heart paintings.

While it is my strongest desire to possess one of her works of art, I can’t afford to do so. If my husband and I didn’t have children I would pay the hefty $3000 price tag carried by the painting Labyrinth of Love pictured above. But for now, the only alternative is to purchase a giclee. But here is the crazy thing…

I am a geniune art admirer and what you would call an art snob. Like a fake handbag, I simply refuse to buy a giclee (pronounced zhee-clay), a digital reproduction of an original work of art. Digital reproduction allows an artist to increase their collector base by offering a less expensive alternative to the original, making their work widely available to a larger group of people. It is also translates into quick money for the artist. First, let me clarify before I continue. I am not referring to cheap poster prints that give giclees a bad reputation, but rather reprints on high quality paper or canvas that are sometimes embellished by the artist; nevertheless, I don’t want to own one.

Let me warn you, the price of a giclee is nothing to be sneezed at. A limited edition reproduction of Labyrinth of Love cost around $1600 and looks just as good; however, there is nothing like owning an original. There is no comparison really. Besides, I am unwilling to purchase a reprint equally as expensive. I’d rather go without. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll come across a giclee I can’t leave without. But for now, I only want original artwork.

For those of you who are not snobs like me and want to enhance your living space or purchase art purely for aesthetic reasons then you should purchase limited addition giclees that have been numbered and signed by the artist, which increases the value. The more reproductions available on the market decreases the value of the work.  


6 Comments on “Matters Of The Heart & The Art Snob”

  1. Shanessence says:

    Word, Ms. Fashionista! My dh and I were at an art showing a few weeks ago and we saw a piece that we both LOVED. But we couldn’t dish out the $8000+ for it, no matter how we looked at it. I always wonder about the intrinsic/extrinsic value of art, and what would be considered outrageous pricing vs. reasonable pricing. There’s no way to tell other than by measuring the artist’s reputation, apparent skill or training, and if you really like the work then I guess you’d be down to purchase it. Thinking twice, though, about the painting that I saw at the art show, I’m not entirely convinced that I’d cash in $8000 for it, but it was quite moving…

    On another note, from one Fashionista to another, I have a request. I recently made my way into an accessories shop called “AdornMe” in which I almost passed out at their BEAUTIFUL handbags, shoes and scarves. Against my better judgment, I purchased a pair of comfortable and knockout shoes! But my point is, I saw a bunch of Italian scarves that were to DIE for! So beautiful were the materials, designs and the feel of them that I would’ve done a little shoplifting (also against my better judgment) had I not had any morals. In short, I’d LOVE to see a few postings on springy and summery scarves, especially Italian and Parisian ones. They really can make an outfit unstoppable. I’m sure you’d do these scarves justice. 🙂

  2. Hello,

    One of my collectors forwarded this to me. Wow thank you so much for putting Debbie on your website. The collector that just purchased a 36×36 Labyrinth of Love giclee for only $895.00 was confused by the pricing described on your website.

    We would like to make a note that the 36×36 Labyrinth of Love giclee you describe is only $895.00, not $1600.00 and that it is a fine art, museum quality piece of art in itself.

    While it is important to make art availible to the public that is affordable, there are only 50 in this edition. This allows a larger public to take advantage of purchasing a piece of art that moves them and that they can’t leave without, rather than being moved by a piece of art, only to have to leave without it, as it is not in their art budget. The purpose of art is to uplift, inspire & generally make you feel good. It talks to you; takes you to another place you can’t always normally get to in this hectic, day-to-day life.

    That is the reason artists, like Debbie Marie Arambula produce giclees, not with the intention to take advantage of the art-buying public in order to make a quick buck. Debbie is the type of artist who likes to take the time to educate the public about what they are buying, always explaining the difference between purchasing an original, a hand-embellished giclee and a giclee. We always do our best to fit the needs of the person rather than being purely driven by money.

    Debbie offers to the public orginals at very affordable, reasonable pricing. From the originals that Debbie has been inspired on her own to create to custom, commissioned Heart Portraits (Debbie’s forte). Debbie always takes into consideration the collector’s style & budget, doing her best to match the needs of her many collectors and admirers.

    Debbie Marie Arambula is well known for her philanthropic ways. She has donated, time & time again, original works of art to organizations she feels are deserving of her unique style, such as Hospice of the Valley, General Hospital of San Francisco, Junior League of San Jose, American Heart Association and the list goes on.

    Thanks for the opportunity to explain how we tick. If you would like any further info, please feel free to contact us by phone at (408) 370-7278, or, by e-mail at:
    Respectfully yours,

    Steve Arambula
    Manager, Heartworks Studio, Inc.

  3. Ursula Stacks says:

    I am so excited to see an article about the artwork of Debbie Marie Arambula!! She is such a fabulous person….my partner and I attend the annual KQED Holiday show in SF….we drooled over Debbie’s work but alas…could not afford an original…so NEXT year we bought the giclee and have received so many compliments! It is such a lovely addition to our collection…..and you could hardly tell them apart….and worth every penny….Debbie does a lot for her community ! Plus she is such a delight to visit with ….

  4. Hello All you Heart Art Lovers!
    Wow Thank you for all this fun discusion about me and my works of love.
    First off let me say thank you to fashionistandbaby! You rock! I know that you were disappointed not to by an original, but you can always call me as I do have some small originals that are in my private collection that I could offer you at this time. (408) 370-7278.

    Ursula, you are such a doll, Thank you for your nice comments. I am so glad that my art makes you happy and thank your for acknowleging my efforts to help the community, What a great hug to my soul!
    I googled Heart Art tonight and to my suprise I found I was on the front page. Wow that is fun!!!

    Much Love,
    Debbie Marie Arambula

  5. ariana says:

    i love this piece of art!
    it is so beautiful, and really carries an
    image of love.
    i’m using it for my blog….!!

  6. andy says:

    hi,i just want 2 say that the 1st time i saw this painting i thought of togetherness.
    know i just wanna i ask what inspired you?
    please comment back soon because my sister too is a struggling artist. 😀 it would be very helpful.

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